When are the best days and times for emailing leads? 

After you’ve identified the right people, and you’ve created the right email (i.e. one that has compelling copy, plain text formatting, and a strong subject line), your next step is to figure out the right time to send your email. What day of the week? What time of day? What combination of day and time will optimize your chances of getting people to open your emails and start conversations? Here’s the answer:

Tuesday at 10 a.m.

Yep, seriously. That’s according to a recent study that brought together the results of 14 smaller studies—all of which looked at when companies were sending email and finding the most engagement. The biggest takeaways: Tuesday is the best day for sending email, followed by Thursday, and then Wednesday. The best time for sending email is 10 a.m., followed by 8 p.m. to midnight, and then 2 p.m.

So, case closed then, right? Onto the next section?

Not so fast.

While findings like these are interesting, you should really only think of them as jumping off points, as opposed to rules that are set in stone. Because ultimately, in order to figure out the best times to send emails to your leads and customers, you’re going to need to test out a bunch of day and time combinations to see what yields you the best results.

For example, at Drift we discovered that the best time to send our newsletters is actually over the weekend. That’s because the content of our newsletters is geared toward helping people get ready for the week ahead. Specifically, our marketing newsletter (which goes out to 20,000+ marketing & sales professionals) helps you get caught up on the latest tools and tactics, while in The One Thing, our CEO David Cancel shares one habit or mental model that will help you grow personally and professionally. The takeaway here: Don’t just rely on industry standards when it comes to figuring out the best times to send email. Take the type of email you’re sending into account as well.

Best days and times to send emails


Divide your email list in half. Send an email to the first half (Group A) at one time and send that same email to the second half (Group B) at a different time. For example, you could test…

  • morning email send vs. afternoon email send
  • afternoon send vs. late-night send

Which times get more replies?

You can then apply that same method for testing different days. For example…

  • Tuesday email send vs. Wednesday email send
  • weekend email send vs. Monday email send

Which days get more replies?


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