How do you keep your email list up to date?

It’s easy to get caught up in the vanity metric of 10,000,000,000 emails in your database. But what good do those 10,000,000,000 emails get you if only 25 of them are up to date, accurate, and landing in the inboxes of real humans on the other side? Many executives will ask, “How much did our list grow this month, quarter, week, day or hour?” Growth is a great measure as long as you take a Marie Kondo approach to your database. For all the emails you acquire you should also ensure you have a process in place for removing those email addresses that are bouncing, out of date, not responding, or have never taken action on any of your emails in a timeframe that feels right for you. For example, this timeframe could be if a person hasn’t opened an email in the last 6 months, you consider purging these addresses from the database.

One of the best kept secrets of these email addresses that never open or engage is that they may be telling you who you should be trying to communicate with instead. Often an email address goes “dead” because the person has left the company or may be on vacation or on parental leave. However, the automated responder instituted by most businesses typically will inform you on who you should be trying to talk to instead. Even better, the person the autoresponder provides you with is often higher up in the business and more than likely the person’s manager. If you’re like most marketers we speak to, you have a junior member of your sales or marketing team sift through all of these autoresponders maybe once a week to ensure you catch any actual replies to your email. In doing this you are actually throwing leads in the trash. Using an AI tool like Siftrock, you’re able to automatically mine this data, add it to your CRM and then flag these contacts for your business development team to work. You would never throw any of your other leads in the trash, so why are you doing so here?


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