Over the past decade, several so-called “experts” in the world of sales and marketing have made the same, bold declaration:

“Email is dead.”

While there’s no denying that more modern communication channels, like chat, have been growing in popularity, that doesn’t mean email is going anywhere. Case in point: If you’re reading this guide, we’re betting you checked (or will check) your email at least once today. And with more than 280 billion consumer and business emails being sent every single day (a figure that’s expected to grow to 333 billion by 2022), it’s clear that businesses still see the value in using email to reach out to potential customers.

The only problem with email is that—from a customer experience perspective—it’s, well… awful. Think about all the impersonal ads, promotions, and sales pitches that are flooding your own email inbox, and how annoying it is when you have multiple people from the same company emailing you at the same time about different things. The icing on the cake, of course, is when you try to unsubscribe but keep receiving unwanted emails anyway.

☝That’s a terrible experience. But the underlying issue isn’t that email, as a channel, is dead (or dying). The issue is that as marketers and salespeople, we’ve been doing email all wrong. And that’s exactly why we wrote this guide: to offer an alternative to the traditional approach and to reimagine email as a channel that drives actual conversations.

In this guide, you’ll uncover a blueprint for building a modern, conversational email strategy—one that prioritizes creating an incredible customer experience.

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Anyone who sends email on a regular basis can benefit from reading this guide. Whether you’re responsible for sending out email newsletters, or setting up lead nurturing campaigns, or managing your product’s onboarding flow, the lessons and best practices you’ll learn inside can be applied across the board.

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For marketers and salespeople who are new to the world of email marketing and marketing automation, think of this guide as a recipe book you can follow for building your email strategy from scratch. It covers everything from identifying who you should target with your emails, to crafting the perfect copy, to sending your emails at the right times.

For email veterans, this guide will introduce you to a new set of tactics you can use for taking your email strategy to the next level (including how you can use an AI assistant to intelligently manage email replies and update your database with the most up to date contact information available to you today).


By the time you’ve finished reading this guide, you’ll understand, step-by-step, how to implement a conversational email strategy for your business. Unlike the old-school, “spray and pray” approach to email, conversational email emphasizes quality over quantity. Instead of playing a numbers game and hoping you’ll get a small percentage of people to open your emails, with conversational email you’re laser-focused on getting people to actually reply. The goal isn’t to get clicks, the goal is to have conversations—which is exactly what email was originally intended for.

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Think about it: As a marketer or salesperson, why are you sending emails in the first place? Email marketing is about building relationships between your leads and your business. And how do you build those relationships? Through conversations. (Not clicks.)

Keep reading to learn how you can get back to email’s roots by implementing a conversational approach. You’ll also learn about different A/B tests and experiments you can run to measure and optimize your conversational email results.

Here are the 9 key topics we’ll be covering in the pages to follow:

  1. Email Segmentation: Who should you be targeting with your emails?
  1. Writing Compelling Email Copy: How do you write emails that lead to conversations?
  1. Plain Text Email vs. HTML Email: What should your emails look like?
  1. Email Subject Lines: How do you write subject lines that cut through the noise?
  1. When to Send Email: When are the best days and times for emailing leads?
  1. Lead Nurturing Email: How do you build nurturing campaigns that aren’t annoying?
  1. Managing Email Replies: How do you create incredible experiences for the people who reply to your emails?
  1. Email Experimentation: What new email tactics have been gaining traction?
  1. Email Database Hygiene: How do you keep your email list up to date?

The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing

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