We talk a lot about role models at Drift.

Brands, thought leaders, marketers, artists, copywriters, entrepreneurs – people of all walks of life that inspire us. People we want to be like. People we want to learn from.

But there is one role model in particular that inspired us to write this book.

Marc Benioff, the Chairman, CEO and Founder of Salesforce.com.

And it’s not just because Marc is a great CEO, a billionaire entrepreneur or because he’s donated hundreds of millions of dollars to charity – although we admire him for that too.

Rather, it’s because Marc is radically transparent in telling the Salesforce.com story so that others may learn.

At Drift, we are obsessed with learning.

When you walk into our office, you’ll notice a giant bookcase filled with books. Take one, they are free.

One of our first one hundred hires at Drift was our Director of Learning and Development. That’s very uncommon for such a small team.

Even our podcast, it’s not called “The Drift Podcast” or “Conversational Marketing.” Nope, it’s called Seeking Wisdom. Because that’s what we’re all about.

In 2009, Marc Benioff published Behind the Cloud: The Untold Story of How Salesforce.com Went from Idea to Billion-Dollar Company-and Revolutionized an Industry. The book, an instant classic and bestseller, has been read by hundreds of thousands of people around the world who want to learn how one of the fastest growing companies of all time did it.

Marc gives candid advice, shares secret strategies and tells the story of how Salesforce.com grew from his apartment in 1999 to the leader of a $46 billion industry in just ten years.

While Drift is still in its early days, we don’t want to wait years before we share our secret plays that have helped us grow. Like Marc, we want to be radically transparent.

Today, Drift is one of the fastest growing companies in SaaS history (a business model Marc and Salesforce.com practically invented).

Our company has been called “a reality show” instead of a “vendor” by Silicon Valley strategist Andy Raskin because our marketing is personal instead of corporate.

We’ve been accused of being too good at taking over our target audience’s LinkedIn feed when we launch a new product.

And this year, at our annual conference, HYPERGROWTH, the fastest growing marketing and sales conference in the world, we had over 6,000 attendees in just our second year hosting it.

And as Mike Volpe noted, one of the reasons we’ve grown so fast is our unorthodox approach to marketing.

It all started with our founders: Elias Torres and David Cancel. They wanted to approach marketing differently. And then came Dave Gerhardt, now our VP of Marketing and co-host of Seeking Wisdom, who has taken their vision and made it real.

Together, they’ve redefined startup marketing, brand building and PR.

While most B2B startups are obsessing over scalability and tracking, Drift is not.

That’s why we decided to pause from our day-to-day marketing operations and write this book.

While reading it, you’ll discover not only our abnormal approach, but also hear never-before-told stories and learn how to implement our plays into your own marketing strategy.

This book is written exactly like Behind The Cloud in that it’s 41 plays organized into chapters. We did that so you can put this book on your desk and thumb through it when you’re looking for inspiration. That’s often what we do with the books we read.

We hope you enjoy this book, we really enjoyed writing it. At the end, you’ll find our email addresses and we’d love to hear what you thought of it.

– The Drift Marketing Team

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