When people ask us why we’re betting on 1:1 conversations at a time when everyone else is obsessing over automation, volume and scale, our short answer is this:

20+ years ago marketing was all about getting the messaging right, opening the door to sales and starting a conversation. But then something happened. We got all this cool new technology — and so we over-rotated. As an industry, we got too excited about contacts and MQLs.

As a result, most companies started treating people as leads instead of people. And with marketing automation, they could just push this faceless mass to click on a CTA and fill out a form without ever even talking to them.

But these companies had forgotten something very important: Conversations drive the business. After all, a sale doesn’t get made until a conversation happens.

And so the only “growth hack” we’ve ever actually given away in our blog is this: Talk to your customers.

Yup, that’s right. No magic tricks or hard science.

Find out their likes, dislikes and pain points. Ask them about their hopes, fears and desires. Because even if you have a great product, nobody’s gonna buy it unless you can demonstrate its value to them. And you can’t demonstrate the value until you understand what drives your audience to buy.

And while you’re at it, you can also kiss your no-reply email addresses, self serving Twitter monologues and pre-recorded webinar presentations goodbye. Because from now on, your only job as a marketer is to drive conversations.

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