Another important lesson that we took from the Salesforce playbook goes back to organizing events. And not just webinars or local user groups, but also big conferences that give us the opportunity to meet our customers and prospects face-to-face.

But instead of opting for a traditional sales and marketing conference with 45 minute keynotes from fellow Boston SaaS folks, we decided to do something different.

Again, we wanted the event to be bigger than us. Bigger than marketing and sales. Instead of a traditional event or a conference, we wanted to create a movement.

And it had to feel “Drifty.”

So in April of 2017 we announced HYPERGROWTH, a one-day conference with 15-minute features from inspiring authors, entrepreneurs and business leaders — and not only your usual suspects, but also people from the health, fitness and food industries.

HYPERGROWTH is not a conference where you’ll learn the top six ways to optimize your Facebook ads, the top ten SaaS onboarding growth hacks or even the best practices for building chatbots on Drift. It’s nothing like that.

It’s a conference about personal and professional growth. And that’s why it’s called HYPERGROWTH and not the Conversational Marketing Conference, or the ConMarCon or the CMC.

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