Product launches are a huge deal here at Drift. In fact, the entire company is organized around shipping a new product to our customers every single month.

Not just a bug fix or a new feature, but a completely new product.

Internally we call these product launches Marketable Moments. And if you follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn, you may already know that internal marketing is absolutely critical to their success.

All of our top website traffic days in company history came on Marketable Moments.

Marketable Moment traffic

One of our most successful product launches to date was in March 2018 when we launched Drift Email for Marketing.

And instead of just having our employees tweet and share a blog post on LinkedIn, we had everyone at Drift shoot and share a custom video on their LinkedIn accounts introducing the new product.

To get everyone excited and committed to shooting their own videos, we got in front of the whole company and told the story of how this could help us reach hundreds of thousands of people.

After that, Sara created a list of all our employees and went around the office asking each and every one of them whether they were going to take part.

On the morning of the launch, the videos were just our employees walking to work and talking to their iPhone cameras saying that we had just launched Drift Email for Marketing and explaining what’s great about it.

That was until our product manager Alexa posted a video of her skiing somewhere in the Midwest, talking about the new product to the camera.

That was when all hell broke loose and everyone in the team started one-upping each other and posting all these different videos. Even the executive team got involved. Someone even shot a video asking a local barista about how he felt about marketing emails.

There was no link to and even then, that was the highest traffic day to our website in the history of the company.

We didn’t get paralyzed by tracking URLs or measuring the success of each individual video. Instead, we figured that if this was going to be as successful as we thought it would be, we could always just use high-level metrics like traffic and conversations to prove it.

In hindsight, it seems fair to say that we were right not to worry.

In fact, we received tons of feedback. Dave’s inbox blew up. A recruiter got mad because for several days all he could see on his LinkedIn feed was Drift. Someone even made a parody video of Alexa skiing.

No matter how you look at it, the LinkedIn takeover was a success.

And ultimately there were three reasons for that:

First, we were able to take advantage of LinkedIn at a time when it was heavily weighting native video.

Second, we managed to go from idea to execution in less than a week because we have a small and agile marketing team that was ready to scrap our original plan and try something completely different.

Third, and most importantly, we have an amazing team here at Drift, and we got everyone on it to rally together.

Without the contribution and clever ideas of Alexa and all the people who followed her mark, we could never have reached a quarter million people in 24 hours — all without spending a dollar on promotion.

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