The reason why DC and Elias decided to invest in marketing early on goes back to two fundamental beliefs that we share here at Drift.

One: You can only achieve hypergrowth by being close to the customer — and that doesn’t just apply to the product and customer success teams but every single part of the company, including — if not especially — marketing.

As DC explains in his book (also called HYPERGROWTH):

“Every company in the world will tell you they are customer-driven. They’ll believe in the principle. They’ll even have framed posters on the wall about it. Solve for the customer.

But none of that means anything unless you actually make the structural decisions to ensure it.”

But while Drift was built customer-first, we soon realized that being close to the customer is no longer enough.

And that led us to the second point: Instead of owning the supply, you need to own the demand.

If you look at the world around you, you’ll notice that it’s companies like Airbnb, Uber and Amazon that are winning today. Not only because they’ve been able to get closer to the customer than their traditional competitors like hotels, taxi companies and department stores, but also because instead of owning the supply, they own the demand.

We realized that in a world of infinite supply, the customer has all the power.

And that’s when we knew that having the best product isn’t enough. Having the best brand isn’t enough. And having the best service isn’t enough. It’s the combination of those three things that will help us stand out.

And if we were truly going to solve for the customer, we had to invest in all three from the start.

Here’s how we got started with the marketing piece of the puzzle.

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