Getting in front of your team once isn’t enough. It takes much more than that to get them on board, on brand and on message.

That’s why over-communication is vital to the success of our product launches. So much so, that it deserves its own play.

One of our inspirations here is Bill Belichick, the legendary head coach of the New England Patriots — and Dan’s personal hero.

Bill is well known for winning year after year, even with new and often inexperienced players on the team. And one of the keys to his success is — you guessed it — over-communication.

At Drift, we’ve swiped this part of Belichick’s playbook. Just like he’s all about sweating the details and making sure that everyone on his team knows each play in detail, we’ve made sure that everyone at Drift knows our plays. So on gameday (launch day) there’s no confusion about what each team member needs to do.

We’re committed to making everyone an expert on the launch by holding meetings, repeat meetings, and sharing our headlines, timelines and follow-up campaigns.

We do it because every time, 5 new Drifters get excited about the launch.

And to us, every new team member represents a new LinkedIn profile and Twitter account that will help get our message out there.

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