Before we discuss hiring and developing a world-class marketing team, let’s talk marketing fundamentals.

Because, as we see it, there’s a problem with marketing today that goes beyond strategy or the tools we use.

DC was right — in many ways — when he said that marketing has lost its way.

Marketers are too fixated on the technology to help them do their job, and not nearly focused enough on the actual marketing.

Dan saw this first hand and has referenced this as his “rebirth” into marketing when he arrived at Drift.

Dan Murphy tweet

A tweet from Dan in April 2018 about how marketers are becoming too dependent on their marketing technology.

After a few months of working at Drift, Dan realized there was a whole other part to marketing that he hadn’t even scratched the surface of.

Things like writing amazing copy. Designing a beautiful advertisement. Or constructing messaging and positioning your product — where the true talent in marketing lives.

See, we have a marketing culture at Drift.

We celebrate great ad copy — any collection of words that gets stuck in our heads.

We nerd out over emails that are so good, we write back to the author with kudos and sometimes, “Are you happy at your current company?”

Real marketing.

Our marketing culture is centered around learning. Dave pushed Dan — and the whole marketing team — to read books from the greatest marketers in the world — like how David Ogilvy approaches ad copy and Dan S. Kenney writes sales letters.

Those books have become the center of our approach to marketing and we’ve even built checklists around them.

Like in Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion Dr. Robert B. Cialdini breaks down the psychology behind why people say “yes.” There are six universal principles behind persuasion:

  1. Reciprocity – pay back what we receive
  2. Scarcity – people want what they can’t have
  3. Authority – people follow credible experts
  4. Consistency – consistency with past actions
  5. Liking – people say “yes” to things they like
  6. Consensus – looking for what others have done

Dave printed out these six principles and has them taped to the top of his desk. That way every time he writes a new email or blog post he makes sure he hits all of them in his message.

Now all of us on the team do that. It’s our recipe for writing great email, blog and landing page copy.

And that’s the thing. Because it started with Dave outlining the fundamentals that were important for our marketing approach, we’re able to hire and build on that foundation.

That’s why it’s so important to start with outlining your fundamentals before you scale the team.

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