If you’ve attended a lot of webinars, you’ve probably noticed that most of them are not very conversational in nature. In fact, a lot of times you might as well just watch the webinar recording afterwards, because there’s minimal interaction between the host and the audience.

But if you ask us, the best thing about live webinars is that they’re… well, live. And so we try to make them as conversational as possible with a few simple tricks:

First, the best webinars we’ve had so far haven’t been scripted. There are no slides and no formal agenda. Just two people talking to each other about a topic that they both know well.

Second, at the beginning of every webinar, we say hello to the the attendees by name. We want to build a relationship with them and make them feel like they’re a part of a bigger community of like-minded people.

The bottom line is that we want the webinar to feel like a conversation. We want all the attendees to leave the webinar with their questions answered and having learned something new.

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