To get the first subscribers to our newsletter, Dave started combing through LinkedIn and Twitter, searching for people doing product marketing and sending them personal messages that went something like this:

“Hey. I’m starting a newsletter just for product marketers. We’re curating the best product marketing content from around the web — from podcast interviews to videos to blogs. I thought you might dig it — and also have a few stories of your own to contribute. Can I send you a link to subscribe?”

And sure enough, one by one the subscribers started to trickle in.

By the way, the key to that message above is asking for permission. The conversion rate is so much higher when you treat someone like a human and ask permission first vs. just sending them a link and begging.

From there, we started to get some amazing product marketers on the list. Our pitch also got better because we could use social proof when reaching out to other marketers:

“Hey, we started this newsletter for product marketers. People from companies like Twilio, Shopify, Dropbox and Marketo are all on it, we thought you might like it too.”

At Drift, we call this approach hand-to-hand combat. And it’s the secret to how we got our subscriber base started.

And later on, we used the same tactic to get a thousand people to attend our first-ever HYPERGROWTH conference (and even to get 6,000 at our second conference in 2018).

There hasn’t been one magic email that we sent that sold hundreds of tickets. Nobody just wakes up, comes to the website and buys.

No magic bullet. No growth hacks. No shortcuts. Just offering people something that we thought they might find valuable — and going hand-to-hand to make sure they got it.

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