After the LinkedIn takeover a lot of people would reach out to us wondering how we got 100+ people to stay on message. Weren’t we afraid that someone would say something stupid?

The answer of course was no. After getting people really excited about the new product, all we had to do was make sure they knew exactly how to explain its benefits to our customers.

And since we have a Marketable Moment every month, we’ve become quite good at ensuring consistency across different channels and the team.

Here’s how we do it:

First, we make sure that everybody knows the details of the next Marketable Moment a month ahead of time.

Second, we don’t just wait around to show our stuff in meetings, Friday afternoon Show & Tells and training sessions. We’re also constantly sharing new graphics, copy and headlines on Slack and on our wiki to get people excited about what’s going to happen.

Third, we use a tool called PostBeyond to share all the messages and materials with the team. Having a consistent system and a platform where everyone can access the same information at any time allows us to run successful social takeovers like the one we did on LinkedIn.

Fourth, and most importantly, we try to make all of this fun and exciting. By sharing our excitement with the team, we’re able to turn them into a powerful marketing weapon. We get them to take the message and run with it.

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