Showing our faces is actually one of our brand values.

And what we mean is that everything we publish needs to have a real face on it. And so we even have a landing page checklist that enforces the rule: You can’t ship it until it has a face.

And not just a stock image of a random person, but a real Drift employee or customer — that’s the rule. No stock photos.
The reason why we’re so bullish on real faces is simple: It makes our brand more human.

But it wasn’t just stock photos that we ditched — we got rid of cartoons and animations in our content as well.

Even though our designers would create these cool blue, white and gray cartoons and animation-like illustrations for our blog posts, landing pages and social media channels, we realized there was nothing distinctively “Drift” about them. They didn’t feel real. They felt like, well… cartoons.

Sure, they were nice to look at and even quite funny at times, but they were images that any other brand could’ve created quite easily. Besides, they did nothing to reflect our core values.

So one day, we just decided to forget about stock photos and these cartoony illustrations and go for something that was perfectly on brand: real pictures of real people. Drift customers or people who work at Drift. That’s it.

At the end of the day, we want all our marketing to feel like you’re talking to a trusted friend; someone you know and want to talk to — not a colorful illustration or a complete stranger and especially not a faceless corporation.

So whether they were photos from events we hosted, or photos from team outings, or just photos of us working in the office, we gathered them all up and started using them on the blog. And today, we hire a photographer to come to our office once a quarter to take more photos of us being us.

Customers sometimes get on a video call with their customer success manager for the first time and go, “Oh, do I know you from somewhere?” — and that just make it all the more real. We want that.

So if you’re looking to make your brand feel more human, this is the easiest place to start: Add real faces to everything you do.

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