Most people can spend several days writing a 10X blog post. They’ll read through it over and over, rewrite some parts and rephrase sentences. And when they’re done with all of that, they take thirty seconds to write the headline.

That’s not us. We obsess over headlines at Drift.

In fact, pretty much every one of us on the marketing team has felt the same initial confusion, surprise and concern when we’ve first realized how much time and effort goes into writing one headline.

It’s like how can a small marketing team get anything done when they spend so much time on these tiny details? And on something as trivial as a headline?

But here’s the thing. We all chime in on headlines because we know just how important they really are.

Especially in a space as crowded as sales and marketing where there’s already so much noise we need our headlines to stop people in their tracks and make them go, “Damn, I want to read that.”

Of course you’ve gotta back up the headline with great content. But without an amazing headline you would have a readership of zero.

That’s why we have Slack threads with over 50 messages bouncing headlines back and forth. Dave will give his feedback, then DC will chime in. So will Dan. And then others.

We write 10-15 variations of every headline and then kick them around with the team until we finally find one that we really like.

So if you’re reading this book to find quick wins or practical tips, here’s one: You’ve got to spend time on the headline. It’s the only way to get people’s attention online.

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