Here at Drift, we don’t over-analyze whether a new team member is fresh out of college or the former VP of Marketing at a big name SaaS company. Regardless of their background, every new hire is given the same amount of respect and autonomy from day one — and they have one clear expectation when joining: Delivering results.

Instead of your resume, pedigree or former accomplishments, we care about the results that you get after joining the team. Almost everything resets after you join the team at Drift and you’re expected to prove yourself in a new environment.

Because a common mistake that many fast growing companies make in building teams is that they take someone’s track record at a different company as proof of their future performance.

But just because someone excelled in a previous role doesn’t mean they’ll be able to replicate that success in a new environment. And that’s why we’re very careful not to let our expectations or bias get the better of us.

When you join Drift, you need to start from zero and prove yourself from week one. Our culture is all about results, rather than the hours you put in.

But what results should you drive? To answer that question, we write 1/7/30 plans for each new employee. These outline what you should achieve in your first day, your first week and your first month at Drift. It’s one of our most important checklists because it makes sure success is clearly defined for new employees.

We sweat over outcomes rather than outputs. And we’d much rather hire people with something to prove than those who already think they know everything. Rather than chasing big logos or over-emphasizing our candidates’ resumes, we focus on finding people who can deliver results.

That’s why we ask everyone to do a project with us before they even come in for their first interview. This filters the candidate pool because not everyone wants to do it — but the ones who are hungry to join Drift do it gladly. It also helps us get a feel of what it’s like to work together and to see how someone thinks and operates.

Not everyone is going to pass that homework assignment. But it’s always been a helpful part of the interviewing process. Not only will we learn, but so will the candidate.

At the end of the day, your performance matters much more than your pedigree.

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