While we were nowhere near having a product when Dave joined Drift, we had something better: a thorough understanding of the market that we would eventually enter.

But as anyone who’s worked in the field of SaaS knows, we couldn’t just say that we were going to sell to people in marketing and sales. That’s far too broad in a crowded market like ours.

We needed to find our wedge within those fields – this one role that our product could serve.

And since we knew that Drift was going to sit on top of our customers’ websites, we needed to talk to the people who controlled it — the people who could literally log in to the website’s back-end and copy/paste the code to install Drift.

That’s how we were able to rule out sales. Even though we knew that our product would have a big impact on leads, opportunities and pipeline, sales teams couldn’t implement Drift on their own. They would need help from marketing.

Narrowing it down to marketers got us one step closer. So we started thinking, “Okay, who in marketing could actually do this?”

And that’s when we landed on product marketing as the initial segment to go after.

That was our wedge.

Back then, all of us at Drift including DC, Elias and Dave had worked with companies that had a product marketing function. And the product marketers were the ones who were most likely to do what we call a “drug deal” — make a change on the website or inside of the product without having to tell anyone or get it approved.

So that became our focus — how do we get inside the minds of product marketers? How do we get close to them? How do we get them to think about Drift?

And that set the stage for the next three plays: Do your homework, go hand-to-hand and build an audience.

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