When our CEO David Cancel (a.k.a. DC) and CTO Elias Torres founded Drift in 2014 they didn’t have a product.

They had an idea, a few things in the works and a small team of engineers and designers who were beginning to lay the groundwork for a marketing and sales platform.

And while they were slowly letting customers in to test the alpha and beta versions of Drift (Driftt — with two ts at the time), they knew full well that the product wasn’t going to be launched until at least a year later.

Most companies call this stealth mode — and it typically means that they operate behind the scenes without telling the world about what they’re doing until an official launch date. In fact, many of them won’t even let beta customers into the product before their code is flawless, the interface is pixel perfect and their website feels like Apple.com.

But DC and Elias made a conscious decision to start marketing before they started selling. And long before they had even set a launch date for the product, they hired Dave Gerhardt as employee number 10 and the first full-time member of the marketing team.

That was the first of many unconventional things we did at Drift to achieve what we call hypergrowth — or as Alexander V. Izosimov defines it in Harvard Business Review:

“the steep part of the S-curve that most young markets and industries experience at some point, where the winners get sorted from the losers.”

And in the next 40 plays, we’ll explain how marketing has helped us get there.

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