Before we get to the tactical stuff, let’s take a moment to define what we mean when we talk about brand.

Because it’s not just your logo, your tagline, your content, your ads or your charismatic CEO.

Sure, all those things are a part of your brand identity, but your actual brand is much more than the sum of all those visual and verbal cues. Your brand is the combined experiences a person has when they interact with your product and your company.

It’s the emotional moat that makes them want to work with you instead of a competitor.

As Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield explains:

“… even the best slogans, ads, landing pages, PR campaigns, etc., will fall down if they are not supported by the experience people have when they hit our site, when they sign up for an account, when they first begin using the product and when they start using it day in, day out.”

That emotional experience is your company’s brand — and as Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff argues, it’s your greatest asset:

“A brand is a company’s most important asset. A company can’t ‘own’ its facts. If the company’s facts (speed, price, quality) are superior to the competition, any good competitor will duplicate them or improve on them.”

To build that moat around your company, you can’t just pay a talented designer to create a brand identity deck and call it a day.

You need to craft a consistent story, where every touchpoint, from an ad to a blog post to a podcast episode to an email to the product, builds on the same core values and adds to the experience.

So while at Drift our titles and job descriptions on the marketing team may be similar to our colleagues in other SaaS companies, the “why” behind our work is different.

Instead of only focusing on how many views a new piece of content is going to get, we also make sure that it will help our customers and potential customers have a better experience with us.

And while we track the number of page views, unique visitors and clicks just like everyone else, we also understand that today all that information is free. People can find out everything they need to know about your company without ever talking to anyone at your company. The rules have changed.

And our goal with content is not to squeeze every click and lead out of it but to spread our brand as far as possible and make our content free and easy to share. Because when our content gets shared, our brand gets shared — and this way, people are more likely and willing to do business with us when they’re ready to buy.

In the next few plays, we’ll look at some of the tactics that have been the most pivotal to building our brand.

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