The difficult part about building a brand today is that there’s more noise than ever, there’s more competition than ever and buyers are more skeptical than ever. Every company has a blog. Every company is on social media. Every company is making videos. Every company has a podcast.

As consumers, we’ve learned to tune out marketing that feels like marketing. We want to be in control. And we never want to feel like we’re being sold to. And let’s be honest — the last thing any one of us wants is more content from some company.

This is exactly why we focused on building a brand at Drift. We needed to cut through all that noise, build real relationships, become the brand of choice for B2B marketers who were ready to buy and make ourselves available to start conversations with people live on our website.

One perfect example of that is how our podcast Seeking Wisdom has turned into one of our the best channels for brand and demand generation.

But it didn’t start out that way.

When we first started the podcast it was just Dave’s way of trying to get content out of DC. After all, a lot people in the SaaS space are looking for founder-level content, but it wasn’t every day that we could get our CEO to sit down and write a blog post (if you’re a marketer, you know exactly what we mean — CEOs often have the best content; it’s just impossible to find time to get the content out of them).

And while originally Dave thought that he would just interview DC, get the audio and ghostwrite his ideas into a blog post, the interviews morphed into these two-way conversations where two people at different ends of their careers would talk about personal and professional growth.

DC – the 5-time founder and OG who’s sold a bunch of companies and Dave, this young guy in his marketing career trying to figure out how he can grow and take the next step at Drift.

And that’s what Seeking Wisdom became all about. That’s what it still is today.

The reason we think it’s been so successful is that it’s such an authentic and real channel. And we end up with people from all over literally walking around with us in their ears. But there’s no script — it’s just two people talking about what’s going on at Drift, books they’ve read, things they’ve learned and more. And there’s very little editing. It’s more of a documentary than a piece of marketing content.

The podcast has allowed us to be ourselves in front of all these people.

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