Every company has loyal fans. They love the product, the brand or the people.

But most companies haven’t learned how to leverage these fanboys and fangirls for a product launch.

And if you ask us, that’s a huge mistake.

Because these are the people who want to spread your message, hype up the new product and give you the referrals and third party validation you need.

And that’s why we’ve built an army of external supporters known as the Drift Insider Network.

The network consists of some of our customers, advisors, investors and friends, who are naturally interested in hearing about what we’re up to and happy to lend us a hand when we’re about to launch a new product.

Much like internal marketing, it’s critical to brief the insiders early on, go into some depth with the information and most of all, get everyone really excited about the new product.

A month before each Marketable Moment, we tell our Insider Network about what we’re about to launch. We give them beta access, we use their quotes on our landing pages and we ask them to publish blog posts about our new products on the day of the launch.

Because as powerful as it is to have 100+ team members making noise, having external supporters make a lot of noise about your launch is even more powerful.

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