If you’ve listened to Seeking Wisdom, you probably know that we love books and learning from others.

In fact, all the meeting rooms in our Boston office are named after our favorite authors. Even the lobby is full of their books — copies and copies and copies, free for our guests and employees to grab on their way out — from Ogilvy on Advertising to Shoe Dog to Influence (we’ll show you all of them when you come visit our office).

But before joining Drift, most of us in the marketing team had been working in SaaS and doing marketing at other software companies, so we had followed all of the typical marketing advice from around the blogosphere that focused on tips, tricks and hacks — like how to improve your email open rate or how to get more clicks on your Facebook ads.

But from the beginning, DC gave us some pretty controversial advice: Stop reading SaaS marketing blogs. There will always be a new tip, trick or hack to figure out — and that stuff comes and goes. But there’s one thing that has never changed in marketing: people.

DC pushed us to focus on the timeless lessons in marketing and to really dig in and understand copywriting, human behavior and social triggers. And when he suggested that we ditch the marketing blogs, he had a good point.

For example, if one study came out that said the best time to send an email was Tuesday at 2 PM, guess what most B2B marketers would do? They would start sending their emails on Tuesdays at 2 PM.

So we flipped it and started studying the classics. Instead of spending all our time learning about things that we’re going to change tomorrow, we went back in history and studied the classic branding, advertising and copywriting books to focus on learning all these timeless lessons about the things that don’t change.

And there was one thing that stood out from all of those books: The best way to win customers and build a brand is to be you. To be real. To be authentic. To be human. And that lesson has been true for hundreds of years — but it’s even more important today with all of the noise and competition in the market.

So from the way we write to the kind of images you’ll see on our website (a.k.a. no stock photos), everything comes back to this: We have a set of brand values that drive everything we do here at Drift, and they are all about being us. And that means being real, being authentic, being human — and at times even exposing our flaws to the world.

Instead of trying to act like somebody else, we’ve spent all this time being ourselves. We’ve spent our time on doing marketing that feels more authentic, more human and more approachable.

And if there’s one channel that has allowed us to do this, it would be video.

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