Exposing the MQL’s Achilles heel.

An MQL is defined as a lead of sufficient quality to warrant sales follow up because:
1. It represents a good FIT for your company (the firmographic score) and
2. It is based on prospect BEHAVIOR exhibited (on your website, a 3rd party website, or at an event) that suggests they are interested in your solution (the behavioral score).

The Q in MQL – the qualification – is usually performed by the marketing automation platform (MAP) using a scoring model that considers both the firmographic and behavioral scores.

The firmographic score is typically based on a combination of the following criteria:
• Number of Employees
• Annual Revenue
• Industry
• Country

The behavioral score is typically based on whether the prospect:
• Downloaded Content
• Attended an Event
• Registered for a Webinar
• Registered for a Free Trial
• Or engaged with various other marketing touchpoints

Using this approach, the marketer determines a score for each of the above data points, and then the automation platform calculates an overall score by adding up all the relevant values for each data point. The marketer assigns a threshold score value that dictates whether a lead qualifies as an MQL worthy of being routed to a BDR or sales team. If the lead is routed, the BDR or sales rep typically has 24 hours to accept the MQL, and another 24 hrs to start working it.

You can already see the problem, right? 48 hours until first contact. That’s not going to be good enough to get ahead of the competition.

Your buyers don't want to be treated like MQLs.

Treat your buyers like people. Here's how conversations are transforming the marketing funnel as we know it (and what you can do about it).

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