From individual contributors to CMOs, everyone working in marketing today faces the same underlying challenge: The Marketing Landscape is changing, and it’s changing fast.

The rise of smartphones, messaging, video streaming, artificial intelligence (AI), and a host of other innovations has led to a total transformation in the way people search for and purchase products. As a result, the traditional marketing playbook is quickly becoming obsolete.

If today’s marketers want to achieve success in the long-term, they need to adapt. Over the past decade, marketers have gotten too comfortable using the same three channels: blogging, email, and social. And while these channels, when used properly, can still drive results, a lot of marketing teams are seeing diminishing returns. This had led many teams, including our own marketing team here at Drift, to ask the question: What’s next?

That was the driving question behind the creation of this book. And instead of trying to answer that question ourselves, we turned to some of the world’s most influential and well-respected marketing leaders from companies like Slack, LinkedIn, Okta, and Vimeo. The result is a collection of expert insights and best practices that you can incorporate into your own marketing efforts.

From brand building, to hiring, to using video more effectively, inside this book you’ll find advice for bringing every aspect of your marketing operation into the modern era. And hopefully, some of what you read here will help nudge you outside of your marketing comfort zone.

Thanks for reading.

The Drift Marketing Team

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