There is no entitlement here. We work like we have something to prove. We don’t always know how we’ll make something happen, but we do know we’ll figure it out. We do more with less, and invest in our customers over ourselves. Creating the best product at the lowest cost will always help our customers. Staying scrappy and frugal will help us do exactly that.

Scrappy means we keep pushing even when no one is watching. It means we stay hungry through the inevitable ebbs and flows that come with fulfilling a mission as big as ours. Scrappy means we just go – we don’t wait to have everything figured out before starting. Scrappy keeps us frugal. We analyze every expense with a simple question: Will this help our customers? If it matters to customers, it’s probably a good investment. If it doesn’t, it deserves scrutiny.

Staying scrappy isn’t just about being lean – it’s about the character of our entire team. It’s the quality that will help us topple any challenge we encounter, regardless of resources or circumstances.

The four most powerful words you’ll hear from a new hire are: “I’ll figure it out.”

If you can find someone who you can trust to say that and follow through on it, you’ve found a true asset.

In Drift’s high-performance culture, there’s not much tolerance for things that don’t work – even if they sound great in theory.

Scrappiness wins the day, because when you ship as fast as we do, you learn fast that resourcefulness goes a long way.

It’s about getting creative. We don’t wait for our manager to tell us what to work on – we take initiative. We don’t start from scratch – we use what’s been successful before and iterate on top of that. And instead of making a big investment to tackle an important project – we get started quickly and work with what we have.

Because at Drift, we’re building a $10B company. The only way we will get there is being mindful of each $1 we spend. And being mindful of how we spend our time.

How do you build an enduring company?

You have to build an enduring culture first. Find out what principles can get you there.

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