Our standards should make us uncomfortable. When comfort creeps in, we acknowledge our goals aren’t big enough and we raise the bar. We apply high standards to everything – whether it’s a new feature, a new hire, or event swag. No matter how big or small something seems, it contributes to the sum total of our brand. And we want to build a brand customers love.

When you have high standards, you obsess over every detail. You never settle for “good enough.” You ask the hard questions: How could we take this to the next level? What would 10x-ing this look like?

In everything we do, we ask ourselves: Have we raised the bar?

The reason is simple: we’re trying to build a once-in-a-lifetime company. Which means we need to put out the best of everything.

At Drift, we know our best work is done when we’re being real and human and authentic. That’s what builds trust.

So when we push for high standards, we’re pushing for authenticity in all we do. We’re finding ways to bring out who we are already.

This is part of the reason we’re so fired up about two forms of content in particular: audio and video. We love both formats because you can’t fake it. Once you hit record, you have to really be you. On top of that? You can show empathy for customers because you can see their faces, hear their tone, and read their body language – and they can do the same with you.


How do you build an enduring company?

You have to build an enduring culture first. Find out what principles can get you there.

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