We all do our part to maintain a culture of inclusion, respect, and trust. When a problem happens, we go to the person who can fix it instead of complaining about it to someone who can’t. We celebrate each other’s wins with excitement and enthusiasm (and maybe a few train whistles and gongs). We respect different opinions and embrace the fact that we’re not all the same. By doing that, we create unity.

Unity isn’t about consensus – it’s about working together to solve problems for our customers. It’s not about completely eliminating problems and conflict. It’s about handling them in a way that doesn’t divide us.  

When we complain about a problem to someone who can’t fix it, negativity spreads. When we take a problem up to the person who can fix it, positive action happens. Positives go up, negatives come down. That’s the recipe for unity. When we follow it, we’ll create a culture where all of us can do our best work. We’ll build a safe place where everyone can move fast and grow.

Your number one job in a startup is to hire great people.

Your next job is to connect those people. Why?

Because the employee is reflected in the customer experience. Whether you have three employees or 3,000, the way you treat your employees will become a mirror for how your employees treat your customers. So to bring customers into your world, you need to start with a connected, upbeat company culture of respect and trust.

If you do things every day that connect individual and organizational objectives (more on this in our fourth Leadership Principle), growth comes naturally.

How do you build an enduring company?

You have to build an enduring culture first. Find out what principles can get you there.

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