What Does Drift Do?

Drift is the world’s leading conversational marketing platform. It helps businesses talk to their ideal customers when the customer wants to engage, instead of making them wait for later.

For demand generation marketers, Drift will:

  • Help you generate more qualified leads through chatbots and conversations on your website
  • Help you book meetings faster, for your sales team using chatbots
  • Help your sales team have more sales conversations with the best leads on your site

But it’s also important to distinguish what Drift is not. For instance:

  • Drift is not just live chat.
  • Drift is not for support teams.
  • Drift does not require you know how to code or program to build a chatbot.

Why Drift?

Today’s buyer has changed. They no longer have to wait for answers, or wait to hear back from your business. Information is everywhere across the internet. And it’s very likely if you can’t provide a fast enough answer to your buyer, your competition will.

Drift’s conversational marketing and selling platform includes everything you’ll need to talk to more buyers, now.

Starting with real-time messaging, Drift allows you to connect with buyers as they browse your site, in real-time. And unlike live chat, Drift has advanced targeting so you can focus on people visiting your website that your sales team wants to talk with.

On top of real-time messaging, Drift works seamlessly with email so you can drive more conversations even when your buyer isn’t on your website. With Drift Sequences & Chrome Extension, you can make sure every email your sales team sends, leads back to real-time messaging on your website, where a buyer can continue the same conversation with your sales team.

And if you’re running account-based marketing campaigns (or have named accounts your sales team wants to work with) Drift can help you roll out the red carpet for those VIPs with Drift ABM. Instead of just driving your named accounts to forms on your site, with Drift you can automatically welcome them with personalized messages from their account owner.

Drift is a powerful conversational platform, but it’s not an all-in-one platform. While Drift helps you have more conversations with your buyers, we’ve built integrations with the most popular marketing automation, CRM and other products your team is using, like Slack and Google Analytics. So you’ll be able to seamlessly fit Drift into your stack.

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Who Uses Drift?

Drift was built for marketing and sales professionals, not support teams.

Typically, demand generation marketers are interested in trying Drift to generate more qualified leads, speed up their sales cycle and make buying a lot faster for their customers.

That’s why demand generation marketers typically are the first adopters of Drift in their company. Many will start by building Drift Playbooks™ and test chatbots on their website before they get their sales team involved. This is what we recommend to many of our customers.

In fact, before connecting integrations, setting up Drift accounts for your sales team, or even installing the chat widget on your website – we suggest you try a Conversational Landing Page, which is a standalone landing page with a bot conversation and its own URL. You can test an email campaign, webinar, event signup or PPC campaigns and direct traffic to this landing page.

We highly suggest you look at your upcoming campaigns calendar and consider where you can try a Conversational Landing Page.

We use Conversational Landing Pages for our monthly product launches and that’s when we see huge spikes in conversations on drift.com. Product launches are a great use-case for Conversational Landing Pages because people on your website checking out something new are going to have questions and express high intent in your product. Capturing that intent by booking meetings and generating CQLs is conversational marketing best practice.

What is a CQL? We define a CQL as a person who you’ve had a conversation with (via Drift) and they have made it clear to 
you that:

  1. They are interested in buying your product or service, and
  2. Their goals can be accomplished with your product

This qualification can be applied manually or automatically by Driftbot!

While demand generation marketers tend to be the first to adopt Drift, after you’ve tested conversational marketing with a landing page or perhaps a bot on your website, you’ll start receiving conversations from prospects and soon your sales team will be asking you to give them access to Drift.

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