Changing your sales team’s process isn’t easy. We get that. But adding in a new communication channel – one where your buyers actually want to talk – is going to help your sales team close deals. So let’s talk about when it’s a good time to get your sales team access to Drift and how to do it.

1) Conversational Landing Page

As discussed earlier, we recommend you, the demand gen marketer, first start engaging your website visitors with chatbots that automate conversations. The easiest way to get started, that does not require code, is a Conversational 
Landing Page.

If you’re not ready to connect your marketing automation system, you can export the leads you generate from that landing page as a CSV and upload into your marketing automation system.

This experiment will give you a sense of the volume of conversations. It’s also a great way to test different bot questions and find out which are the best conversation starters.

2) Offer Chat

The second step is enabling chat for a select audience and providing chat as an option to that audience and you – the demand gen marketer – handle conversations.

How does one person manage all conversations? With Drift you can set up criteria for when your chat widget displays. Using these controls, only your desired audience(s) will see the chat widget – and be able to start conversations with you.

Again, if you start with a small segment of people you’ll get a sense of the volume of conversations + the quality of the leads that start conversations without being overwhelmed (or overwhelming your sales team).

Similar to lead generation campaigns you’ve run, you want to start small and test the waters before you go all in. The important part is finding the inflection point, where you or your marketing team are having enough conversations with people your sales team should be speaking with, that you actually need to get your sales team into Drift.

For instance, when you have to call sales reps over to your desk multiple times per day to have conversations with their leads on your computer, it’s time to get those sales reps into their own Drift account.

And even then, be careful. Rolling out Drift to 20+ sales reps at a time is tricky. It’s probably new to them and while exciting, can be overwhelming without the proper training.

3) Onboard a few sales reps

We suggest you start by training 2-3 sales reps in Drift. Those reps could be in sales development, account executives or some other small group of your sales team. The important part is that it’s a smaller group so you can work closely with in order to make them successful using Drift.

Upon successful adoption, you’ll be ready to add in more sales reps. Remember, any lead might end up on your website looking for answers. So any sales rep that should be talking to qualified leads needs access to Drift.

So to help your sales reps get the most out of Drift, eventually you’ll want to give them all access.

But before you do, you must write a chat SLA.

4) Write a chat SLA

Like any lead you deliver to your sales team, you need an SLA so both teams are committed to properly working leads.

For you to be effective at conversational marketing, your sales team must engage in conversations as quickly as they come in. Think about it. You want to engage with your leads when you have their attention – and there isn’t a better time than when they are on your website looking at your product.

Drift has desktop, mobile, and email notifications so the correct sales rep will get notified when a conversation is started with them. We’ve also built sophisticated conversation routing to make engaging with people on your website easy.

But we recommend before you roll out Drift to the whole sales team, you sit down and add chat leads to your sales and marketing SLA. Consider:

  • You want your sales team, or some portion of your team, ready to reply to conversations during business hours within minutes of a conversation being started. Based on our research it’s important to provide a response within 5 minutes.
  • Clearly outline what hours your sales team will be available to respond to incoming conversations. You can set up what hours your team will be available and Teams in Drift once you’ve settled on an SLA.
  • One strategy we recommend is having “chat duty.” Meaning each sales rep is assigned a certain amount of hours during the week to handle incoming conversations before they are assigned to a sales rep. This has worked for the Drift sales team as we’ve scaled from a few reps to over seventy.

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