Since your buyer has changed, so must your marketing. And while most marketing technology is built around a linear buying journey, we know in reality that’s no longer true.

The buyer’s journey looks more like this:

And that’s why we’re building Drift around conversations. Throughout the buyer’s journey, conversations are the best way to connect with buyer’s that are ready to buy now.

Conversational marketing is much more than just converting website visitors into contacts. It’s about providing real-time 1:1 conversations to your buyers at every step of their journey.

For instance, you can build Playbooks to welcome known contacts back to your website. If those known contacts had a meeting with a member of your sales team, why not have that sales rep be the friendly face welcoming them back and creating a direct line between your buyer and the seller?

That’s a personalized experience that puts the buyer first while still helping you achieve your goals. It’s a win-win. And that’s what conversational marketing is all about.

So what’s next? Visit right now to book a meeting with our team of conversational marketing experts and learn how you can build faster pipeline with Drift.

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