Conversational sales and marketing sounds like this wild and crazy new thing – but it’s really simple. For all the features and functionality, it’s just helping you have real time conversations with good leads while they’re live on your website. It’s not a big switch because it integrates directly into your rep’s day to day.

Do you have your reps following up with inbound leads? Perfect. You can use conversational sales to get your reps talking with those leads right away without having to chase them after they leave your site.

Do you have your reps outbounding good fit accounts trying to book meetings for AEs? Awesome. You can use conversational sales to give prospects a personalized experience when they click on your outbound emails and when they arrive on your site. It’s all about giving your reps the tools they need to know exactly when your prospects show intent. Then they can start conversations with prospects in the medium they know and use every single day – real time messaging.

As a manager here are the improvements you can expect to see. Once you arm your reps with conversational sales, they’ll be more effective at booking meetings and they’ll convert leads to meetings and opps faster than they ever have before. You also won’t have to fly blind.

You’ll be able to see the conversations they’re having, the questions your prospects are asking that are determining whether they agree to get on a meeting – without having to listen to hours of calls all day. You’ll see conversation transcripts and be able to coach up your reps on how quickly they responded, what they said, the experience they gave your buyers, and drill into follow up on those leads who had a conversation with you.

  • Follow Up – You’ll want to make sure your reps are all over those leads who do have conversations because they convert a lot better than other sources.
  • Working with Sales Ops – Prioritize leads who have had conversations. Work with sales ops to get them in your CRM so that reps can follow up on better leads. Leads for which you have data about whey are about and what they’re hoping to do in that conversation. Stopping by to chat with one of your reps is an amazing measure of intent that you should capitalize on big time.
  • Staffing – This is a big one. Should this be a dedicated role or should this be part of rep’s day to day? The answer is the latter. You have to give this to your reps as part of their day to day responsibilities. Let marketing measure “chat influenced” as its own channel. Your reps will want to know when good leads are live on the site so that they can answer questions and provide value in real time.

Sales reps don’t want to spend their days emailing and calling people at times when the other person doesn’t have time to talk to them. They have to play the odds in order to hit their number.

Drift gives you the ability to:

  1. focus on the leads that have interest
  2. talk at a time that works for both parties

With these two components, you can prioritize and have a much more efficient day with better sales math (higher conversion rates throughout funnel).

How will your day to day as a Sales Manager intersect with Drift? 

  1. Coach your reps so they can put learnings into practice faster
  2. Enable with a conversational selling strategy and tools to help your reps be more efficient so they can hit or exceed their goals faster
  3. Better visibility into how your brand and your team position themselves in the market (competitive intel, brand, objections, pricing negotiations, etc.)
  4. Better forecast by being able to dig into conversations to identify the gaps and missing details of a deal. No longer need to rely on Salesforce notes from your reps or even the random calls you may have been added to.
  5. Harvest learnings for your future team: When a company goes from prospect to customer, what was that story like and how can you use that social proofing with other prospects

Especially for 3 and 4: take out as much hearsay and personal bias that blurs facts.

The best possible data is listening to a real call. You’re on the call or you’re listening to calls all day using a tool like Gong. You’re listening for keywords making sure people are answering things correctly, positioning things the right way. Managers often feel like they’re flying blind. They’re not sure what reps are doing.

Conversational sales will give you more insight into what people are saying and how they’re responding. It will give you great data for real-time coaching and you can jump right into the conversation to coach. You can’t really coach when people are just hammering the phones to try and have a conservation. You can coach now when the conversation is happening. The best time to give reps feedback is in real-time and right when or just after the conversation happens.

The reason why there’s a sales process and qualification is because we have a repeatable way. Yet the conversation is what we you have and those aren’t repeatable. We’ve fooled ourselves into thinking that conversations can be perfectly repeatable. We’re told that you have to follow checklists and process. But the buyer doesn’t want to feel like they’re going through a process or checklist.

Meet the buyer where they are and when they have questions and you immediately start adding value and building trust with that buyer.

Remember that in today’s world the sales teams who make it easier to buy win. You need to work that into your culture. Help people buy and train your reps around it. Your reps should be hungry to be responsive and give your buyers a fantastic experience and WIN business. It’s no longer effective to just hammer out a number of dials and emails. You need both quality sales activities and a focus on making it buying easier.

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