You know that today’s buyers have all the power because they can get information anywhere and expect a great experience from you to win their business. This doesn’t mean that you have to sit in chat all day.

Conversational selling is your fastest way to build trust with your buyer as a trusted advisor and move your opportunities forward. Think about it like this. Let’s say your champion gets out of a meeting with his economic buyer and has a couple more hurdles he needs your help with. So he comes to your site to get those answers and you’re there to get him everything he needs to move forward. The same day. Then the economic buyer has a good impression of your company AND you helped your champion look good internally. That’s what it means to deliver a winning experience.

  • Style: Trusted Advisor.
  • Approach: Conversational.
  • Method: Jump into chat when your target accounts are online.

How will your day to day as an AE intersect with Drift? 

  • Booking Meetings & Building Pipeline: 1) Meetings get automatically scheduled with ABM / VIP messages 2) Mobile App or Chrome Notifications that Target Accounts are on the website
  • Use your outbound email outreach (via Drift Gmail Chrome extensions or Outreach integration) to drive conversations in real time, and if you’re not free – the bot’s got your back and will book it for you!
  • Closing Opps: Customize messaging for deals in play that give them a direct line to connect with you – (contract or activation link out), post demo / meeting, additional Decision Makers / POCs being brought into the evaluations (make educated guesses given who you’ve been reaching out to, who else may be involved – use the SalesNav integration here)
  • Extras: Drift profile as your online business card (tradeshows, conferences etc.)

When you are free and are able to jump into chats → the same CDR/SDR best practices apply to you! You likely have even more context on a given account, various POCs, where they’re at in their evaluation – USE THAT.

Think of using Drift and live chat as basically texting with your prospects – similar language, cadence, feel, real time, helping, close line of communication, comfortability with you.

If you’re not free – use your SDR as your fallback too to follow up or jump into chats.

We talk a lot about leading with value, but what about “leaving” with value? Don’t tell the prospect this is the last of your current sequence, just deliver something of such great value that the message can’t help but linger in their inbox. Send something the prospect can’t bear to delete.

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