Being an SDR is tough. You should think of conversational sales as the better way to reach your goals as quickly as possible. It all starts with conversations. The more conversations you have, the more likely you are to hit your numbers. Most of the time as an SDR, you’re probably used to calling and sending emails to people who don’t respond. Why is that? It’s usually because the timing isn’t right. You’re not top of mind for them and you spend all of your time banging your head against the wall.

But conversational sales gives you access to the right people at the right time, when they’re on your site. What you’ll find is so many people are just a question or two away from being ready to take a meeting with you. It’s all about being there when you know they’re thinking about your product and helping them get the info they need to move forward in the buying process. They came by your site for a reason – you need to capitalize on it!

To be an effective conversational seller you need to be empathetic, a great listener, have a good level of self awareness, and be able to make smart recommendations in a moment’s notice.

Using bots to start the conversation, SDRs should engage with buyers using the following strategy:

  • Style: Fast, brief, friendly, straight up, and to the point. The most important thing to do during live chat conversations is to let them know you’re there. That’s what hooks them and gets them to stay – a real person on the other line who will respond. Conversations don’t happen in a vacuum. You should check their recent conversations to see if they’ve chatted with anyone else, where they are on your site, how many times they’ve been back, which AE/AM they’ve been working with.
  • Approach: Truly human. If you pretend you’re the best at everything and give BS answers, no one will want to move forward with you. And if you screw something up that’s okay – just apologize and own it. No one is perfect and the best reps know their true strengths and weaknesses.
  • Method: Give and get. Always add value first before asking for anything, but make sure you ask for qualifying info and the contact info you need. Quarterback resources. If you don’t know the answer right away that’s ok. But you should know who to go to so you can arrange it. Don’t treat this like a call. You don’t have to get everything at once because you’re scared they won’t get back on the phone with you. You should expect buyers to show up with a couple questions – and then go away and come back again.
  • Follow Up: These leads convert better than any others so you have to be all over them. Your chats don’t stop when the conversation is closed. You have all of the gold conversation data on exactly what they care about, so you know exactly what to follow up on and how to add value. That’s what will keep the buying process going forward and help the buyer make a decision.

Today’s buyer wants everything now. So the ideal buying experience means being able to talk to anyone at any time. for brands to pull that off, they best way to do that is to get the entire SDR team using live chat.

It will improve the buying experience for buyers who are already having conversations with your team. For new leads it should follow your normal rules, like round robin across all SDRs. This should help you cover for geographies. If that person covering that territory isn’t available, then the buyer is left in the lurch.

In the end, it’s all about starting the conversation. Here are some ways we’ve been successful doing that with our own Drift bots.

Examples of how the Drift team has conversations with buyers:

  • human here, human there?
  • Human here, how can i help (insert name)
  • 👀
  • what’s good in SF? Can’t wait to be back in your lovely city
  • hey hey
  • 👀, what’s up (insert company name)
  • Human here, test me haha
  • Human here, typing with human fingers
  • ooo yeaaa we can do that for sure
  • That can be you 😄
  • is it opposite day? you hate that you love bots
  • either i’m a mad stalker / wait…turn around / slash we have reverse IP lookup
  • ..find…humans…
  • bot or human? (if person responds ‘human’ – “Thank God! So many bots running around – it’s nice to find another human 😀”) (if person responds ‘bot’, then say “10101010101010101” – and wait for the laugh)

Be real. Be yourself.

Conversational sales for SDRs_Eve_Drift

Be sure to give something, get something.

Conversational Sales for SDRs_Give something get something_Drift

Here are some ways we do this at Drift:

  • When asked about pricing – Our Pro plan begins at $500/month, what website were you considering Drift for?
  • If you received a question about functionality – Yep! How’d you find out about us?
  • Ask about their business – That makes sense, what’s your website traffic like?
  • You were asked to provide dev docs. They said thank you. You then said: sure thing – did you want to set up a call to discuss details? May be easier than only help docs
  • You were asked how Drift is different – So we’re unlike any other chat provider in the sense that we are focused on sales and marketing. It’s in our DNA and everything about our offering is geared towards that. How are you generating leads on your site today?

Use your CRM to understand who the people are at your business they may recognize – loop those other people in (AM, AE, other SDR).

Conversational Sales for SDRs_use your CRM_Drift

Capitalize on the NOW: Talk & qualify in chat, jump onto a Zoom (chat-to-Zoom), or figure out logical next steps to meet the buyer where they are.

CS for SDRs_Capitalize on Now_Drift

Other great ways to qualify in chat:

  • Want to schedule a meeting? Would love to show you how our bot is able to book the meeting automatically for us.
  • If it’d be useful – we can take 20 mins and build a bot together and I’ll show you exactly what it’d look like on your site. Should I ask the bot to book a meeting for us?
  • Are you free to chat now?
  • I’m happy to set up a call with you to walk through our functionalities
  • I have a few ideas…want to set up a quick 15 minute call to discuss?
  • If you want, I can walk you through it and talk about the setup process?…Ok I’ll have the bot set up a meeting
  • Perhaps? I would need to know a bit more about the use case, would you be open to talking about this over Zoom?
  • We can set up a short demo, do you have time open this afternoon?
  • Sure thing, why don’t we set up a call in a couple of weeks when you’re ready?
  • Let me have the bot book a meeting
  • Happy to show you what I mean if you’d like to schedule a meeting…which the bot can schedule automatically for us 😎
  • It might be easier to arrange a call and create a bot
  • Let me show you how to book a meeting

Here’s an example of how conversational sales works:

How Conversational Sales works

How To Follow Up

SDR’s should expect modern buyers to jump on with a question, then leave, and come back again. They should expect buyers to talk to their networks about your product too, so you should be there too by sending them a connection request / quick message on LinkedIn. You’ve got to stay all over these leads wherever they are because you know they convert so well.

Your job is to provide value and get them back chatting so you continue to develop the conversation to a point where they are ready to move to a meeting.

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