When you’re measuring the impact of your Conversational Marketing efforts, there are a few metrics you should pay attention to. But the most important thing to keep in mind is: “What metrics are YOU trying to move?” Is it emails captured? Is it meetings booked? Is it percent of traffic driven to a certain page? That’s something you should lock down before you go live.

Playbook metrics should look something like this: Sent > Conversation should be above 2-3%, your messaging should be engaging enough where your proactive bots engage at least that much traffic.

Because you should be asking for email no matter which CTA/Recommendation a user chooses to go through (unless they opt out completely), you should see that around 15% of the people who have conversations with you will also give their email. So for Conversation > Email Captured, this will transfer to a 1% overall email capture conversion rate from Sent > Email captured.

When it comes to measuring attribution, don’t just consider net new accounts/contacts but the touches along the way:

So, for instance, if you’re using Meetings Booked as a success metric, which should be the case for some of bots you run on your site, you should look at your Email Capture > Meeting booked metric. On our highest performing Bot at Drift – the “Request a Demo” Bot – we have a 22% email captured to meeting booked rate. With our lower intent Bots that run on our marketing site on our product pages, we strive for a 5% email capture > meeting booked rate.

As always, when measuring conversion rates the answer is always “it depends”, however these are some baseline metrics that your team can measure from your playbooks.

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