Think about the anatomy of a healthy bot while you build your first one! So what makes for a healthy, high performing bot? Well, using conversational, human language helps. Be sure to provide a clear call to action and talk about the pain point you can solve. But there’s so much more to building a great bot 👇

Drift healthy chatbot

Here’s a real example of how to build a bot for your website.

Step 1: Start the Conversation

Drift start with a question

Step 2: Deliver your value prop quickly

Drifbot deliver value prop

Step 3: Omit unnecessary questions

Drift bot omit unnecessary questions

Step 4: Determine your strongest recommendation

Driftbot strongest recommendation

Step 5: Have a fallback CTA

Driftbot fall back CTA

Looking for even more real-world examples? Check some out here:

We include six more Drift examples in the Conversational Blueprint worksheet here.

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