Good product marketing is hugely important. It’s how product and marketing teams learn to understand their customers and speak to them on their level. And yet, as ServiceNow CMO Dan Rogers points out, it’s easy to tell when an enterprise company doesn’t have good product marketing. Usually what it looks like is marketing that doesn’t seem human.

Good product marketers are experts in human connection. They’re pros at taking technical ideas and turning them into messaging. They understand customer experience and know-how customers speak and want to be spoken to.

Product marketers should be integrated into the development process early on. They should be deeply embedded so that they understand the product roadmap and know what customers want. They act as a bridge between product and marketing — and your customers.

“I think a product marketer’s job, number one, is how does the decision-maker talk? What do they care about? Who are they? And spending time with them. And really, no product marketing can be inside-out, it all has to be outside-in. You’ll find the words in the customers’ mouths. And you know, that is something I’ve learned increasingly over time.”

“We have an amazing ADR organization at ServiceNow. They singularly have a gift to express in a minute what others take 10 minutes to express. They learn — it’s almost like water going down the river, it kind of figures out the way between the rocks. The ADRs learn that very quickly. This is the way between the rocks. And if I could only say 20 words, what are the most effective 20 words I could say? And it turns out it’s all about understanding what’s gonna go into someone’s ears and be received well. They can figure out those patterns.”

Good product marketing is all about making a human connection. Talk to customers like they’re technically competent — the same way you would talk to a friend.

Let your product marketers get to know the customer and build that bridge. The more you can enter into the world of the buyer and the things they’re struggling with, the better.

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