Conversational marketing may be as much a philosophy as a strategy, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be measured and studied. But if you’re anything like us, you’ll agree that there are too many research reports that don’t yield a clear path to action.

So, we took matters into our own hands. Together, Drift and LeadMD conducted research around a simple mandate – to determine what sales and marketing alignment truly means from a performance standpoint. We then boiled that alignment down into tactical actions any organization can adopt and created an alignment index that can be used to benchmark your company’s performance while creating an actionable roadmap for improvement.

Here’s a preview of the key takeaways we uncovered:

  • The customer comes first. Leaders in meaningful sales and marketing alignment focus on the customer and intentional internal collaboration.
  • “Alignment” alone is not enough. Meaningful sales and marketing alignment results in quantifiable business growth. 60% of people self-reporting as “Very Well Aligned” or “Well Aligned” show negative performance and pipeline growth.
  • Common solutions to misalignment are not impactful. Namely, teams led by a CRO and joint sales collateral creation do not result in significant improvements.

To get the report (and see where you land on the Sales and Marketing Alignment Index)  click here.

Or, to learn more about how conversational marketing can help sales and marketing come together around the customer, check out Drift Meetings here.

Aligning Sales & Marketing Around The Buyer

The disconnect between sales and marketing is legendary. Here’s how to align these two teams for the benefit of your buyers…and your bottom line.