It’s important to coach your SDRs on how to better use and balance live chat during their day. We strongly recommend that you coach your sales team so they’re playing the long game vs. the short game with a buyer. Make sure they’re not over indexing on just hitting demo and meetings numbers. SDRs should focus on helping the buyer get to the next step.

Pro Tip: SDRs using live chat should mirror what a great face-to-face sales conversation feels like.

Make sure SDRs understand and get better at using the engage, understand, and recommend framework. Make sure they’re introducing some type of small talk into each conversation. Even just a couple of lines go a long way.

Your SDRs now have multiple tools at their disposal to have conversations and book meetings. Make sure they’re clear on how they should prioritize their activities.

  1. Always prioritize real-time conversations however and wherever they happen
  2. Start a conversation with the help of marketing materials

As the SDR manager, you must be closely aligned to your demand gen marketer. You should participate in quarterly and monthly planning and strategize together regularly so your SDRs are in the best position to start conversations.

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