The Resourceful Marketer's Cookbook

Quick and easy growth recipes to achieve more with less.

About This Book

“Do more with less.” A phrase we all know, but few of us love.

In an economy that’s forcing us all to think about how to tactically put this phrase into practice, it’s easy to feel frustrated. That’s why it’s time to seek inspiration outside of our 9-to-5s.

What activity always needs to happen, no matter what’s available?


Despite our best efforts, our pantries aren’t always full, but there are always hungry mouths to feed.

Just like cooking, in B2B Marketing, goals need to be met despite the resources at hand. That’s why the ABM Leadership Alliance (ABMLA) gathered some of their top minds to share their best “recipes” for improvisation in generating high demand at low cost.

In this book, you’ll find eight recipes to help reignite your innovation. With meals like data analytics, direct mail campaigns, and video creation, your sales team will never go hungry.

Get the recipes.

Worried your marketing programs are getting stale?

Revive your campaign strategy with these recipes from marketing leaders.