5 Email Templates to Make Your Sales Outreach More Empathetic

It’s true what they say: Helping is the new selling. Learn how to bring greater empathy to your sales cadence with these high-converting email templates.

Humanizing Sales isn’t a New Concept

Seriously. If you google “humanize sales” right now, one of the first results that comes up is a Harvard Business Review article from over 30 years ago.

And that’s because the best salespeople know how to connect on a human level. They’ve mastered the art of empathy. This was true 30 years ago, and it’s true today.

Here’s why: Empathy is a powerful sales skill. And in this guide, we’ll prove it ?

  • Empathy is the ultimate persona research. Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes gives you a unique perspective on their challenges, priorities, and motivations in a way that no other persona research can.
  • Empathy makes you a better storyteller. All salespeople are storytellers. And empathy is the best tool you have to tell stories that leave a lasting impression and provoke a response.
  • Empathy identifies and creates more opportunities. When you truly understand your buyer, you’re better at pinpointing opportunities for improvement.

But, it isn’t enough to adjust your tone in emails to be more empathetic. You still have a mission. And no, that mission isn’t selling:

As a salesperson, your job isn’t to sell products, services, or guarantees. Your job is to recognize problems and provide solutions.

Garrett D. Kramer, VP of Sales, Recast Software

Your job is to recognize problems and provide solutions. Because helping is the new selling. And that means your goal isn’t just to empathize and understand, but to offer concrete solutions to buyers.

Getting this right, especially in email outreach, is a balancing act. So we want to help.

That’s why we’re sharing 5 high-converting sales and SDR email templates to help you humanize your outreach and elevate your sales approach.

Some are from the Drift team, others are based on emails from brands we love. (Plus, we’ve included some additional best practices to level up the emails you’re already using.)

Check them out now ?

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Want to start more conversations with buyers? Lead with empathy. Download these 5 best practice email templates to elevate your sales outreach and grow your pipeline today.