The Digital Seller’s Playbook

We’re rewriting your sales playbook.

B2B Sales is Evolving.

Your buyers don’t want to close deals behind boardroom doors.

Today’s buyers want to find solutions on their time and start conversations on their terms.

To keep up, sellers must re-write their playbooks.

We’ve packaged up proven Conversational Sales plays to help you generate more conversations, book more meetings, and close more deals.

What is Conversational Sales?

Drift Conversational Sales helps sellers close deals faster by giving you a unified place to get real-time buyer insights, collaborate with teammates, and jumpstart personalized conversations through chat, video, email, or phone.

Whether your team handles inbounding, prospecting, or deal management, Conversational Sales is your biggest opportunity.

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Build Trust & Credibility to Grow Buyers into Customers

Buyers are in control — which means you have to engage with them on their terms to build trust and drive revenue. According to our State of Conversational Sales report…

year over year increase in demand for immediate responses
increase in buyers usage of chatbots to communicate with businesses
of customers expect companies to understand their needs and expectations.
of sellers believe it is valuable to some degree to have a Conversational Sales solution in their sales process.

[With Drift] Our prospects don’t have to wait days for a response or field calls from an SDR trying to pin down a time for a meeting. Instead, they come to the site, open a chat, and book the demo.

Udi Ledergor

CMO, Gong

How to Turn Every Interaction Into a Conversation

Start Conversations with High Intent Website Visitors

The old way of selling would have your target accounts waiting around after they’ve filled out a demo form.

The new way is to chat with your buyer in real-time, book a meeting, and provide a VIP experience.

That’s a win-win.

Outbound with Personality and Personalization

Copy and paste emails with only the {} being personalized just don’t cut it anymore.

The best cold sales emails feel custom-built. They have some personality. They start meaningful conversations.

Break Through the Noise with Video and GIFs

To stand out, you’ll need something in your tool belt that instantly engages your buyer.

Enter: Video.

Video adds a human touch to your outreach. It’s ultra-personalized, shows your prospect you’ll go the extra mile, and best of all — video starts conversations.

Swipe Our Seller’s Playbook

Our team has created a ton of compelling resources and templates to help managers retrain their reps on selling in a digital-first world. And now, we’re bringing together those resources into one place.