You’re holding back

Question: how much more productive do you think you could be if you could just “beam” the image you have in your head to someone else? If I could draw *anything* beyond what my teachers used to call chicken scratch, I imagine myself doing little cartoon-like animations to illustrate my point in a way no words could ever do justice to.

It’d have to be fast also though – at an average typing speed of 40 words per minute, 5 minutes of typing gets me to 200 words. So far that was only 88 words and already I’ve got you thinking, right?

That’s cheating though – it didn’t count the time that I was thinking first about the concept I wanted to convey, and then choosing those 88 words. Granted, sometimes the act of choosing the words refines the thought. But if I could communicate visually, and you could do the same back to me, wouldn’t that be like refining the thought at warp speed?

Wouldn’t this have sufficed?


There’s a reason people still use that age-old phrase, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Look no further than the enormous popularity of Snapchat. The “kids” have figured it out – why haven’t we?

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