4 Reasons Why Conversation Development Reps are Your Team’s New Secret Weapon

Drift Conversation Development Reps

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What’s a time-tested formula for effective sales and marketing that too many B2B leaders still ignore? It’s a strategy that’s been used in commerce for thousands of years – engaging one-on-one with people in conversations, aka conversational marketing.

But how do you actually make conversational marketing work for your company and on your site? Once you have a platform like Drift, a dedicated Conversation Development Rep is a great way to begin.

What is a Conversation Development Rep?

A Conversation Development Rep is dedicated to providing an exceptional experience for every prospect and customer through conversational marketing. They engage B2B buyers the moment the buyer is ready. They navigate the buyer through the early discovery process. They create personalized experiences and build real relationships by providing support, responding to customers’ specific inquiries, and setting up meetings with product experts.

So now that we know the basics, here are 4 reasons why having a dedicated rep is great for your conversational marketing strategy:

1. Response Times Matter

Imagine walking into a shoe store and asking the clerk about a pair of sneakers you liked. “Do you have size 10? How much do they cost?” But instead of answering your questions, the clerk hands you a form and asks you to fill it out with your inquiry. “We’ll get back to you within five business days,” she says. Ridiculous, right? You’d certainly walk out of the store and go find another one with better service.

But that’s how many websites still work these days. Visitors have questions but there’s no one around to answer in real time. Instead, they have to fill out a form or send an email and wait.

Even when chat is available, response times can be long enough to discourage using the platform altogether. And when you consider that there’s a 10X decrease in your chance of making contact with a prospect after a five-minute wait time, responding quickly is essential.

A dedicated rep ensures there’s someone there to respond, address incoming chats and…

2. Capture Great Leads Instantly

Let’s go back to the shoe store. While you’re there, you’re a great, high-intent lead, but once you walk out the door, it will be hard to get you back in, warmed up and ready to buy.

Conversational marketing allows you to meet your prospects instantly, while they’re browsing your site. Think of the CDR as a smiling store clerk eager to help the visitor with whatever they need. And since most people communicate via messaging every day, it’s natural for prospects to use chat to ask questions. That’s brilliant for your prospect and it’s also brilliant for you – because it allows you to capture leads instantly.

3. Grow Your Sales Pipeline Exponentially

When you consider what’s possible with conversational marketing, you can’t afford not to invest. After implementing Drift, software giant Ipswitch generated $4.5 million in pipeline in just one year and closed $1.2 million worth of sales. Similarly, Aventri booked $1.7 million in just their first 5 months on the platform.

A Conversation Development Rep allows you to engage in real conversations with warm leads when they’re ready to buy so you never miss out on an opportunity.

4. Your Competition Probably Doesn’t Have a CDR

In a survey of 433 B2B SaaS companies, only 14% had live chat on their website. And of the companies that do use conversational marketing, a large percent lack a dedicated resource focused on the tool.

So given the fact that every business needs to find a competitive edge to succeed, a dedicated CDR can be just that.

A Rep Really Can Make the Difference

There are a huge array of benefits to having a CDR in place to really make the most of your conversational marketing strategy:

  • You’re responding quickly and giving yourself the best chance of having real conversations in real-time
  • You’re generating a large number of leads instantly
  • You’re giving yourself a great chance of skyrocketing your revenue
  • You’re moving ahead of the competition

Pretty good right? But who should you hire to fill the rep of CDR? You can get Drift’s Conversation Development Rep job description here.

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