These Demand Gen Heroes Are Headed to HYPERGROWTH — And Here’s Why You Should Too

The alignment between marketing and sales teams can make or break the success of your business.

Every quarter, the strength of that bond is tested by the number and quality of leads delivered to sales by the marketing team.

It should come as no surprise then that when demand generation isn’t a priority within an organization, it’s incredibly difficult to drive success.

^ The best demand gen marketers understand this and work hard to deliver the best leads — month over month, quarter over quarter.

And that’s no easy feat.

So last month, my colleagues Sonja and Matt decided to recognize their contributions by releasing Drift’s list of Demand Gen Heroes to Watch. Not only are the people on this list at top companies like Airbnb, Adobe, Lever, and Dynamic Signal — but they’re actively driving outcomes for some of the largest sales organizations in the country.

But in recognizing these heroes, we realized something important: We weren’t doing enough to recognize the tons of other demand gen pros out there moving the needle.

So Matt and Sonja decided to turn the tables, and let you nominate your favorite demand gen pros. The nominees with the most mentions would be in the running to receive free tickets to HYPERGROWTH, the largest single gathering for marketing and sales leaders in the country. Great idea, I thought — but I told them we needed to go bigger.

A lot bigger.

That’s why we decided that the first place winner of the competition would get the ultimate HYPERGROWTH prize package: not one but two Black Card tickets to the event in either Boston or San Francisco, complimentary flight to either city, and hotel accommodations for one night, so it’d be easy to stay late for the exclusive HYPERGROWTH after-party.

^ Needless to say, Matt and Sonja were on board.

So who won?

Here are the three very lucky winners:

1st Place – Aley Brown, Director of B2B Marketing at Careerminds

Aley will get two Black Card tickets to HYPERGROWTH, exclusive access to the VIP Speaker Lounge, and VIP access to the after party. Best of all, since the first place winner gets to bring a friend, she won’t have to fly solo to Boston or San Francisco. 

2nd Place – Brittany Asciola, Channel Marketing Manager at Thomas

Brittany will have an all expenses paid trip to HYPERGROWTH Boston or San Francisco, including one Platinum ticket, round-trip flight and hotel accommodations. 

3rd Place – JD Prater, Director of Growth Marketing at AdStage.

JD gets two free shiny Gold tickets to HYPERGROWTH in Boston or San Francisco.

In Marketing or Sales? Here Are 3 Reasons Why You Need to Go to HYPERGROWTH This Year

Not going to lie — I’m jealous of Aley, Brittany and JD.


Because HYPERGROWTH breaks the mold when it comes to events.

Instead of investing in days of talks and panels, people who go to HYPERGROWTH get everything they need in a single-day format that’s higher energy and — quite frankly — more exciting than many events I’ve brought together in my career.

Plain and simple: It’s the kind of event *I* would want to go.

But I get it — maybe you’ve got to convince your boss to send you first. Or maybe you’re just trying to figure out if it’s worth investing in yourself. In marketing speak, you’ve got to show the real return on investment, or ROI, of going to HYPERGROWTH. So I’m going to help you out with that right now. 👇🏽

  1. There’s no other event like it. One thing we’re huge on here at Drift is learning. And since some of the biggest epiphanies come from being exposed to new ideas and ways of thinking, we wanted to build an event that had the potential to provide the exact same impact. That’s why, at HYPERGROWTH, you’ll hear from leaders like Molly Graham, formerly of Facebook and Google, while also getting insights on business from recording industry exec Chaka Pilgrim. That’s a highly unusual and amazing combination — and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
  2. You’ll get more out of one single day at HYPERGROWTH versus three or four days at other events. In SaaS, we definitely care about something called time to value. So we designed HYPERGROWTH with that in mind. In just one day, I promise that you’ll have access to more speakers, stories, and big ideas than you would in an entire week at other events.
  3. You just have to be there. The day after HYPERGROWTH last year, I opened my email inbox to find hundreds of messages from marketers telling me about what an amazing time they had at Drift’s first major event. Obviously, I knew the event was going to be a success — but I have to say, it’s not normal to get people this fired up after an event. But we did it with HYPERGROWTH. And we’re going to do it again this year.

HYPERGROWTH Is Coast to Coast

We launched HYPERGROWTH in Boston last year, and this year, we’re back with speakers like Jocko Willink, Grant Cardone, Mike Volpe, and Amy Morin.


Since we couldn’t ignore our west coast friends, we’re taking the party to San Francisco, where we’ll be joined by speakers like Patty McCord, Former Chief Talent Officer at Netflix, Jill Rowley, Chief Growth Officer at Marketo and many more (you can check out the full list of speakers right here).

San Francisco

I don’t want you to miss out on HYPERGROWTH, and now that you’ve seen what we have in store, I know you won’t want to, either.

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