The Top 3 Reasons Your Boss Should Send You To HYPERGROWTH


Let’s just talk about the elephant in the room 🐘

Marketing conferences.

They’ve developed a certain…reputation over the years.

Instead of being events where people come to learn and share ideas, they’ve turned into revenue-generating opportunities.

Instead of focusing on delivering incredible experiences, marketers have become more concerned with trying to convert attendees into leads and customers.

That’s not what HYPERGROWTH is about.

I know it, and you know it. But for those of you whose bosses may need a little more convincing – we’re going to help you get them to say “yes.”

And we even have a discount for you – use the code BOSS when registering and get tickets for only $99.

Because in a day and age when many managers have grown wary of conferences — and perhaps see them as “get-out-of-work-free” cards for employees who are simply looking to get out of the office — I know it can be difficult to convince your boss that a conference is worth it.

That’s exactly why I’m writing this post. So you can make a compelling case to your boss that going to HYPERGROWTH is 100% worth it.

And if you are the boss, don’t worry – you’re invited too 🙂

The wisdom we’ll be sharing is universal.

Regardless of your role or experience level, you’re guaranteed to learn something useful.

And that leads us to our first reason why you need to attend HYPERGROWTH this September…

1) You’ll be able to learn from some of the best founders and C-levels in the biz.

We’ve tapped some amazing (and amazingly cool) leaders to bring tactical advice and decades of experience to the HYPERGROWTH stage.

Here are nine of the speakers who will be sharing best practices that you’ll be able to bring back and apply to your own business:

Sara Blakely

Founder and CEO of SPANX, Inc.

Danny Meyer

CEO, Union Square Hospitality Group; Founder, Shake Shack

Jen Rubio

Co-founder and Chief Brand Officer of Away

Jesse Itzler

Co-founder of Marquis Jet, Partner in Coconut Water, the founder of The 100 Mile Group and an owner of the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks.

Leela Srinivasan

Chief Marketing Officer, SurveyMonkey

Billy Gene Shaw

Founder and CEO of Billy Gene Is Marketing Inc.

Ryan Deiss

Founder & CEO of, Best-
selling Author

Anita Elberse

Professor at Harvard Business School

Heather Monahan

Founder of Boss In Heels

But if you thought this event was going to be only about business, think again…

2) “HYPERGROWTH” is about business growth *and* personal growth.

Who wants to push themselves? Who wants to get better every day?

At Drift, we’re constantly working on improving ourselves in addition to working on improving our bottom line.

From morning routines, to diet and exercise secrets, to “must-read” advice – we’re always sharing with each other and helping each other grow.

We want to bring that same experience to HYPERGROWTH.

So no matter what you’re up against, we want to provide you with the inspiration to keep chasing after your goals.

And who better to do that than Alex Honnold? You know, the guy who climbed Yosemite’s El Capitan with no ropes – and lived to tell the tale? Yeah, that guy.

Alex Honnold

Professional Rock Climber

And Alex won’t be the only one with stories that will make your palms sweaty. Todd Seniff is a U.S Navy SEAL who spent more than 30 years in the military – commanding the country’s most elite soldiers in every part of the world.

Todd Seniff

Decorated Naval Captain

And they’re not the only ones who’ll be bringing the 🔥

Grace Savage opened HYPERGROWTH London for us. We can’t wait for her to bring the house down in Boston.

Grace Savage

Singer, Songwriter, Actor and 4x UK Beatboxing Champion

Which leads me to reason #3 why you should go…

3) We’re 100% focused on delivering an amazing experience – not collecting business cards.

A quick tangent: One of the big problems with modern, data-driven marketing is that it’s geared toward things that are easy to measure. But by definition, if a channel or activity has become perfectly measurable, it’s probably saturated.

Think about it. By the time everyone has figured out how to measure a particular marketing activity, the opportunity to stand out and become an early winner with that activity has likely already disappeared.

And that’s one of the key reasons why we started HYPERGROWTH in the first place.

Here’s a rundown of what won’t be at HYPERGROWTH:

  • Boring speakers
  • Sessions that don’t teach you anything
  • Stacks of printed collateral or swag you don’t want
  • Forced chats with sponsors
  • Awkward “networking” breaks

For us? It’s not about measurement or tracking who attends what sessions. It’s all about the experience. One day, one stage. Oh and speaking of stages, I forgot to mention – instead of some stuffy hotel ballroom, HYPERGROWTH will be at one of the most beautiful spaces in the whole city – the historic Wang Theatre.


Source: Boch Center

So what do you say? Will you join us in Boston on September 3rd? Reserve your spot before tickets run out here

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