The Top 3 Reasons Your Boss Should Send You To HYPERGROWTH

Marketing conferences have developed a certain reputation over the years.

Instead of being events where people come to learn and share ideas, they’ve turned into revenue-generating opportunities.

Instead of focusing on delivering incredible experiences, marketers have become more concerned with trying to convert attendees into leads and customers.

That’s not the type of conference that we wanted to create.

Instead, we created HYPERGROWTH.

It’s a one-day event taking place on Monday, September 25th in Boston.

We’ll be overlooking the city from 33 stories up at the State Room in the Financial District, downtown.

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But hey, I get it:

In a day and age when many managers have grown wary of conferences — and perhaps see them as “get-out-of-work-free” cards for employees who are simply looking to get out of the office — it can be difficult to convince your boss that a conference is worth it.

And that’s exactly why I’m writing this post: So you can make a compelling case to your boss that going to HYPERGROWTH this September is 100% worth it.

And if you are the boss, don’t worry — you’re invited too 🙂

The wisdom we’ll be sharing is universal.

Regardless of your role or experience level, you’re guaranteed to learn something useful.

And that leads us to our first reason why you need to attend HYPERGROWTH this September…

1) You’ll be able to learn from some of the best sales & marketing leaders in the biz.

Some of the SaaS world’s top marketing and sales leaders will be bringing tactical advice and decades of experience to the HYPERGROWTH stage this September.

Here are 11 of the speakers who will be sharing best practices that you’ll be able to bring back and apply to your own business:

Mike Volpe

Cybereason CMO (former HubSpot CMO)

There are a lot of big mistakes I see people make in terms of how they set up and organize their marketing teams. The biggest one I see is that people worry too much about the bottom of the funnel and don’t invest enough at the top. -Mike Volpe

Joanna Lord

CMO, ClassPass

Who does your customer want to be? What will they need to hire you for in 3-5 years if you do your core job right today? -Joanna Lord

Sangram Vajre

Co-Founder & CMO at Terminus

Change is never easy and the fact that we, as marketers, have been coin-operated and focused on lead generation for a decade, makes it especially hard. -Sangram Vajre

Carol Meyers

Rapid7 CMO

The key characteristics for success are all about attitude and aptitude. Having smart, capable people is great. But having smart, capable people who love to learn, aren’t afraid of change, and who love to collaborate with and challenge each other are critical for succeeding in a fast-paced, ever-changing high tech company. -Carol Meyers

Mike Troiano

Partner, G20 Ventures (former Actifio CMO)

The most successful startups aren’t built on clinical analysis, or personal aspiration, or even economic rationality. Those things play a role, of course, but great companies are built on the foundation of great relationships between and among people united in common cause. -Mike Troiano

Joe Chernov

VP Marketing, InsightSquared

ABM aspires to be ‘zero-waste’ marketing. It’s a model that targets only the companies and contacts that are likely to buy your product and that sales has pre-committed to try to close. –Joe Chernov

Lauren Vaccarello

VP Marketing, Box

My job is to fill the top of the funnel, it’s their job to execute. But the thing I’ve said internally a lot is you can’t buy a beer with leads. It’s not going to be enough. We need to do things to really support and partner with the sales organization and ultimately the business. -Lauren Vaccarello

Kevin O’Malley

VP Marketing, SalesLoft

The only limits we have are the ones we put on ourselves, and if I can help them realize that and give them the environment to do something special then we will succeed together. I do come with a desk on wheels and a bull horn so I like to have a good time, but if you don’t fill out those fields I might just wheel up on you. -Kevin O’Malley

Kristen Habacht

VP Sales, Trello

The best way to create a sense of urgency when selling a premium product like Trello is to find out how your clients are using it and highlight how your premium features will help them be even more successful. -Kristen Habacht

Casey Winters

Growth Advisor, Greylock Partners

It can be overwhelming to consider all the problems you need to solve. When you start a growth team, do not to try to solve all those problems at once. A growth team should start by going deep on one carefully chosen problem. -Casey Winters

Andy Raskin

Storytelling Strategist (Formerly at Skype, Mashery, & Time)

Leadership is the art of inspiring others to make a story come true. Therefore, if you’re leading people, you’re telling them a story — by definition. Of course, your story might not be connecting as deeply as you’d like, and that’s why leaders benefit from becoming better storytellers. -Andy Raskin

So that’s a sample of some of the marketing and sales talent we’ll have at HYPERGROWTH.

But if you thought this event was going to be only about business, think again…

2) “HYPERGROWTH” is about business growth *and* personal growth.

As David explained:

What we want to do is bring like-minded people together so we can help each other grow.

And we’re not just going to talk about growing marketing and sales, we’re going to talk about personal growth. We’re going to create this new type of conference that I have not seen out there.

That’s the growth mindset coming out. Because the fixed mindset person would say, “There are so many conferences out there. Why do it? There’s so much noise.”

The growth mindset says, “Great, there are a lot of conferences out there and most of them suck. So we’re going to do it our way.”

So, how exactly are we going to be doing things differently at HYPERGROWTH?

For starters, we’ve invited a mindfulness and meditation teacher: Matthew Hepburn, of the Cambridge Insight Meditation Center.

Matthew will be giving a talk alongside 10% Happier CEO, Ben Rubin, in which they’ll demystify the practice of mediation.

We’re also going to hear a keynote from 5-time Olympic medalist Nastia Liukin, who’ll share her story of how she learned to overcome failure and never quit.

And of course, we can’t forget to mention our man Brogan Graham, founder of the free fitness movement the November Project, which has now spread to more than 41 cities.

Brogan promises to deliver an unforgettable, high-energy presentation on the HYPERGROWTH stage. But don’t take our word for it, take his:

At Drift, we’re constantly working on improving ourselves in addition to working on improving our bottom line.

From morning routines, to diet and exercise secrets, to “must-read” advice, we’re always sharing with each other and helping each other grow.

We want to bring that same experience to HYPERGROWTH.

Which leads me to reason #3 why you should go…

3) We’re 100% focused on delivering an amazing experience — not collecting business cards.

Remember that horrible marketing conference scenario my CEO David described? That’s exactly what we’re going to avoid.

Instead of thinking about HYPERGROWTH as a short-term play for scooping up customers, we’re thinking about it as a long-term investment for shaping our brand.

As David explained:

With brands today, you pay for the experience. So we want to use HYPERGROWTH to deliver this experience in person. And I’m not talking about the conference experience, but the Drift experience.

It doesn’t matter that it’s in the form of a conference. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the form of a podcast or a video or the software. It’s all part of the brand experience.

A quick tangent: One of the big problems with modern, data-driven marketing is that it’s geared toward things that are easy to measure. But by definition, if a channel or activity has become perfectly measurable, it’s probably saturated.

Think about it: By the time everyone has figured out how to measure a particular marketing activity, the opportunity to stand out and become an early winner with that activity has likely already disappeared.

And that’s one of the key reasons why we decided to launch HYPERGROWTH:

We saw that other marketing conferences had become so obsessed with measuring everything that the quality of the actual events had begun to suffer. And that created an opportunity for us to stand out and deliver an experience that no one else is delivering.

As a final thought, here’s David on why we’ll continue to invest in the unmeasurable at Drift:

We don’t consider HYPERGROWTH to be a revenue-generating event.

It’s an expense.

And guess what? We’re totally fine investing in that.

In fact, we’re going to continue to invest in conferences and non-traditional things where we think there’s opportunity, and we’re going to take a long-term view in building this company.

Buying HYPERGROWTH tickets? Don’t wait: From now until July 21st get your tickets for just $99 each.

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