Here Are 10 Attendees You Should Meet at HYPERGROWTH Boston


We’ve got just under a week left until HYPERGROWTH Boston. And as you count down the days until the event of the year, here’s a pro-tip from me to you. HYPERGROWTH is about learning and making connections. It’s a gathering of some pretty amazing people that you should get to know. I skimmed the guest list and found these 10 people who I cannot wait to chat with on September 3rd.

And if you’re still on the fence about buying a ticket, check out why this attendee thinks you should just take the plunge, and advice from this attendee on what to expect at HYPERGROWTH. Oh yeah, if you shoot a tweet to @Drift we might be able to get you a discount 😉

Now let’s meet these fine attendees.

Jonathan Greene


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Jonathan Greene is the Director of Marketing for LeadCrunch[ai], and you might have heard him on his podcast Green & Greene Show with fellow LeadCrunch coworker, J. David Green. He’s had over 10 years of marketing experience, and while well-versed in all aspects of digital marketing and demand generation, he’s most passionate about connecting teams and blurring the lines between the various marketing silos.

Danny Marceo


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As the Director of Marketing and Channels at SecurEdge Wi-Fi, a growing technology startup, Danny Marceo knows a lot about the joys and pains of scaling a growing company. He has over 9 years of marketing experience across a variety of disciplines, including content strategy, UX, analytics, video, and SEO. With a pair of good headphones and a ton of mediocre coffee, Danny welcomes the challenge of never having enough time in the day.

Lital Asher-Dotan


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Lital Asher-Dotan is currently the VP of Marketing at Panorama Education, but prior to this role she was the first Cybereason marketing hire and built out their entire team. Fun fact? She started off her career in the Israeli Defense Forces! To her, marketing is always about selling to people – regardless of whether you’re in B2B or not.

Kevin Mitchell


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Kevin Mitchell is a VP of Marketing at Alianza, a leading provider of cloud voice platforms where he leads marketing communications, sales enablement and demand generation. He started off his career writing reports for research and consulting firm Infonetics Research, and since then has had over a decade of marketing experience. He knows how to dig deep into the tech, and if you’ve ever had a question about anything related to telecommunications…he’s your guy.

Erica McArdle


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An inbound marketer through and through, Erica McArdle is the Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Jenzabar, a company focused on improving higher education. Not only does she own the marketing automation platform, she’s also a whiz in all things SEM/SEO, a content creator for social media, and the manager of the Jenzabar website. She’s had a ton of experience with implementing robust marketing campaigns.

Steve Cardillo


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Steve Cardillo is the VP of Corporate Development and General Manager at Continuum, a company focused on transforming the way IT and cybersecurity are delivered to small businesses. Not only does he manage all of Continuum’s partnerships (with companies such as LogMeIn, Malwarebytes, etc.), he also is a key element of all merger and acquisition activity. He started off his career in investment banking before joining a private equity firm.

Anastasia Alessandra


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Anastasia Alessandra is a Drift celebrity. How’d she achieve her star status? We saw one of her awesome tweets and long story short, we loved it so much that we turned it into a billboard 👇


She’s also a Senior Content Marketing & Digital Strategy Manager at Digital Shadows, with lots of experience in social media, paid search, website, and more. When she’s not busy marketing, you can find Ana dancing, eating, or traveling the world.

Jake Diserio


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Jake Diserio has worn many hats during his tenure at Aventri, an event and meeting management software company. He’s worked in marketing operations before his role today as a Digital Marketing Manager. Ask him about his love for the New York Rangers and Yankees, and maybe don’t bring up the Knicks or the Jets…

Jeanne Hopkins


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Jeanne Hopkins does it all! She’s currently the CMO at Lola, but previously she was at Ipswitch, HubSpot, SmartBear, and more. At HubSpot, she helped the company land the number two spot on the Inc. 500 list of fastest-growing companies. She’s a well-known leader in the industry for her efforts in marketing, and she’s definitely not one to miss. Catch her for a cup of coffee and pick her brain on all things marketing.

Adrian Cohn


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Adrian Cohn is the Director of Brand Strategy and Communications at Smartling, responsible for overseeing the brand’s content, product marketing, digital strategy, and public relations. He started off his career at Smartling managing their global customer base, and also hosts their Fireside Chat podcast. He’s very passionate about the rebuilding of the New Orleans area post-Hurricane Katrina.

Whew. That’s only 10 of the thousands of awesome attendees that we’ll have at the Wang Theatre on September 3rd. If you don’t want to miss the opportunity to connect with some of the best and take your career to the next level, get your ticket here ASAP!

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