Drift x GPT Integration, Microsoft Dynamics, and Reporting Enhancements: What’s New from Drift This March

By Noah Kortkamp

Looking for a little luck this March? You’re in the right place 🍀

This month, our team has been working hard to make sure you strike gold with your customers and prospects with new features and improvements that will help you better understand chat performance and streamline rep efficiency.

Today, we are excited to share updates to our reporting infrastructure, Microsoft Dynamics integration, and live chat experience.

Read on to learn what’s new 👇

Deeper Insights into Performance

Having a comprehensive view of your data is crucial to making informed decisions. We at Drift are always looking to put more data at your fingertips so you can easily track and report on performance. That’s why we’ve made improvements to our Chats Report and also created a brand new report called the Routing Outcomes Report.

With the migration of our Chats Report to our new reporting infrastructure, it’s now easier for you to drill deeper into your Drift data and export it for further analysis. Our new reporting infrastructure is designed to be more reliable and actionable than ever so that you can make informed decisions that drive results.

In addition, the new Routing Outcomes Report provides you with valuable insights into chat routing performance, like whether a routed chat received a response or hit an automatic fallback. You can use this data to optimize your workflow, improve your team’s response times, and enhance your customers’ experience.

Drift Reporting

Click to learn more about the migrated Chats Report and Routing Outcomes Report.

Live Chat Notifications for Microsoft Dynamics

With the B2B buying experience, speed is the name of the game. And every second counts: Wait five minutes to respond, and you’ll see a 10x drop-off in engagement — and waiting 30 minutes will lead to a 100x drop-off.

All this means that it’s more crucial than ever that you reach your prospects and customers at their highest point of intent and respond to them within seconds.

That’s why we’re excited to bring live chat notifications to our Microsoft Teams integration. With this update, your reps that use Microsoft Teams will receive real-time notifications when a customer or prospect is ready for a live chat on your website.

Drift + Microsoft Dynamics Integration

Plus, the Drift + Microsoft Dynamics integration automatically creates and updates both leads and contacts from your Drift conversations within Dynamics 365, while also adding full chat transcripts to the record. You can also set lead owners to whichever sales rep first participated in the conversation, booked a meeting, or ended the conversation.

Click to learn more about our Microsoft Teams integration.

Save Time and Scale Your Playbook Strategy

There are only so many hours in the day — and, for marketers, there is always more work to be done. We’re always looking for ways to simplify your day-to-day work, which is why we’re continuing to make updates to Drift Reusable Blocks. 

Reusable Blocks give marketers the ability to reuse conversational flows across multiple playbooks. This means you’ll be able to create a more reliable, consistent experience without forcing marketers to go through complex tasks repeatedly.

The new library view allows you to quickly and easily access and manage all your reusable blocks in one place. Scaling your playbook strategy has never been easier!

Reusable Blocks

Click to learn more about Blocks 2.0.

Improved Sales Rep Efficiency with AI Suggested Replies 🚀

As a leader and innovator in Conversational AI, we at Drift have been tuned into all the buzz around ChatGPT. Now, we’re augmenting our existing AI capabilities — and Drift’s overall platform — with generative pre-trained transformers (GPT) to create more value for our customers.

With AI Suggested Replies now in beta, sales reps can immediately answer complex customer questions without having to leave the conversation to find the information they need. Our AI can now suggest a reply that your sales reps can customize before sending or dismiss if it doesn’t meet their needs.

Our AI’s suggested replies are generated from your indexed website data and any sales and marketing materials you choose to input. From there, the AI uses the context of the conversation and GPT to automatically suggest a reply. This trio of data ensures the suggested reply is accurate and relevant to the situation.

Drift x GPT AI Suggested Replies

Check out the Drift x GPT blog post for more information.

That’s all for this month. Check back next month for more from Drift ⚡️

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