Updates to Drift Prospector, Drift Email, and More: What’s New December 2020

2020 might be coming to an end, but the Drift team is still hard at work rolling out important product updates. This month, we released enhancements for everything from Drift Prospector to Drift Email and so much more to make the Drift experience even better for you (and your customers).

Read on to learn more about these important updates.

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Grouped Activity Feed in Drift Prospector

It’s great when multiple account contacts visit your site.  But what’s even better? When those contacts come back multiple times to learn more about your offering. Less exciting though is scrolling through pages of activity to see which contact was engaging with what and when.

Drift Prospector now clusters activity around a given time period, making it easy to find those important details. Critical actions, like meetings booked, are listed at the top of the feed and you can easily click in to view contacts and their activity history.

Prospector Grouped Activity

Contact-specific Location Information in Drift Prospector

With everyone working from home, a company’s location may not necessarily indicate a contact’s location. That’s why it’s important to get as granular as possible with data.

Drift Prospector now shares contact-level location information, making it easy to not only identify who’s on the buying committee but where they’re located – and the best time to reach out.

Upgrade to the V2 Widget

If you’re a Drift Admin, you may have noticed a banner in your account prompting you to upgrade to the V2 widget.

Drift’s V2 widget is designed to improve your overall Drift experience. New options include custom widget placement, better accessibility, Giphy support, and more.

Click here to upgrade today.

Org-wide Meeting Types in the Email Extension

Last month, we announced the ability to create Universal Meetings to help Drift Admins standardize meeting types for their organization.

Now, you can share those Universal Meeting types via email when you’re using the Drift email extension.

Universal Meetings email extension

Learn more about the Drift email extension.

“Or” Conditions in the Routing Rule Builder

Routing is a critical component of Drift since it helps to ensure that the right person ends up in the right place. Depending on the size of your sales organization, this is no easy task.

Drift now supports “or” logic in the Routing Rule Builder, making it easier to target and route reps based on multiple conditions.

Update Routing Rules here. 

Single Campaign Enrollment for Drift Email

It’s important to strike the right balance when nurturing your prospects via email campaigns. You want to keep them informed, but not overwhelm them.

Now you can configure Drift Email so individual prospects are only enrolled in one campaign at a time.  Updates also give you the ability to build a more unique audience for each campaign – giving you more control than ever.

Click here to learn more about Drift Email.

We’re working hard every day to make Drift better for you. You can get up to speed with more product updates here and here.

Happy New Year.

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