10 Things To Expect When You Attend HYPERGROWTH

By Drift


In June I attended HYPERGROWTH London – my first Drift event ever. Now with HYPERGROWTH Boston right around the corner, I thought I’d share a few of the things that made the event an incredible experience for me.

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1) A Great Start

Unlike most business events, HYPERGROWTH doesn’t start with a keynote to wake you up. Instead, it starts with beatboxing! At least it did when I attended HYPERGROWTH London and got to see Grace Savage open the show. Rumor has it, she’s making her way to Boston on September 3rd to kick things off again.

2) It’s All About The People

You like the lineup of keynote speakers? Just wait until you meet the crowd. One thing I love about HYPERGROWTH is that you’ll not only be inspired by the people on the stage, but also by the ones sitting with you in the audience. You know those people with inspiring stories that you heard in Drift’s podcasts? Many of them will be in attendance. It’s a gathering of people from extremely eclectic backgrounds, some of whom (myself included) are even crossing oceans to attend the event!

3) And It’s All About YOU

HYPERGROWTH is an amazing self-development opportunity. The atmosphere fosters connection and exchange. It’s fun, relaxed, and informal. People are there to grow. Many have brilliant stories and experiences to share with you and plenty of advice to give.

4) It’s Not A Sales & Marketing Event

You will learn beyond your field of interest. HYPERGROWTH is not a sales and marketing event; it’s about business and personal growth and modern management.

5) You Get To Meet Team Drift

You’ll really meet DC, DG, Elias, Janna and the entire Drift team. They don’t stay in their VIP lounge. You might think that there is no way they’d have time to chat with you on such a busy day, but it’s actually the whole point of the event. They make time to have a chat – or take a selfie and sign your book ?


6) Inspiration Is All Around You

From the second you step through the doors, HYPERGROWTH is overflowing with energy. In London, Drift brought in graffiti artists to tag the event space in real-time AND had a DJ playing during every break. Also, I can’t forget to mention the videos that played during the event. You know those videos that they display on stage screens between keynotes? At HYPERGROWTH, they’re not boring. They are hypnotizing. I had to ask DC which agency is making those and it turns out they’re actually made in-house at Drift (kudos to the video creation team).

7) The Energy Is Contagious

HYPERGROWTH is not exhausting. It gives you energy. You don’t have to run between sessions and meetings, because there’s only one stage. Just follow the flow, chill out, and take it all in. Also, the sessions are 30 minutes long, so it’s really the perfect format. Long enough to give you clear takeaways, but short enough to keep you focused and interested.

8) The Community Comes First

HYPERGROWTH isn’t about getting leads. There’s no sales team trying to lure you to a demo booth. It’s really about giving you an amazing experience and creating a community. That’s the strategy.

9) Grow Your Personal Brand

You will develop your personal brand. And believe me, you’ll get plenty of content ideas for your blog and LinkedIn profile. Not to mention a ton of new connections to help grow your professional network.

10) Above All, Enjoy The Experience

It’s an amazing experience. The people you get to meet, the ideas that are shared, the creative energy that surrounds you, and the advice from top talents… it’s the combination of all these things that made HYPERGROWTH such a stand-out experience.

HYPERGROWTH is the most uplifting event that I have ever attended. I’d love to meet you in Boston. Let me know if you’re coming, and if you haven’t bought your ticket yet, register here.

Thomas Palermo excelled in the technical support industry for years thanks to his active listening skills and his strong sense of empathy. While taking care of a non-profit in his free time, he fell in love with Branding, Community Management and Content Marketing. Seeing that his skill set was perfect for that, he transitioned to Marketing professionally 3 years ago. He’s currently based in the Netherlands where he takes care of Demand Generation at Astrata. 

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post. Interested in contributing content to the Drift blog? Email Molly Sloan at msloan@drift.com.