Announcing Two Major Key Updates To Drift Messenger For Businesses


Our mission at Drift is to help everyone on earth know, grow, and amaze their customers.

That missions stems from a shift that we’ve been noticing across businesses of all shapes and sizes: as software is eating the world, customer expectations are radically changing.

Customer experience is the new marketing, but very few businesses have been able to crack this code. Think about the last five businesses you’ve purchased something from. How many of those businesses would you rave about online or go out of your way to tell a friend about?

Customer experience has fallen behind for most businesses in the world.

We’ve been laser focused on making it easier for businesses to talk to their customers, starting with free live chat for websites, and have made huge progress over the last few months.

But today, that “huge” progress turns to 10x progress.

Some might say major key progress ?

Introducing Drift For AOL Instant Messenger And MySpace

On our way back from Austin, TX for our annual company off-site Austin, we shipped what we feel is the next wave of business communication: two-way integrations with both AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) and MySpace.

“Our success as a company hinges on our ability to help businesses get closer to their customers” said Drift CEO David Cancel in an emoji-filled Slack message, “and that means giving them the tools they need to reach their customers wherever they are online. We already have a tight integration with Slack, email support and a new mobile SDK, so AIM and MySpace made perfect sense as a next step. I’m not typically a huge fan of product roadmaps, but this was one where I used my CEO card to push it through.”

“I wasn’t sure about this one when the team came to me with the idea” said Drift CTO Elias Torres, “but I recently re-read The Innovator’s Dilemma and figured, ah whatever – let’s do it.”

Highlights Include

Top 8 Customers. We took MySpace’s classic “top friends” list and innovated on it to bring you a rotating list of your top customers (note: Drift’s Free Plan does not include the ability to customize the song that plays on your MySpace page).

Integrated Hip-Hop and R&B Quotes. Choose quotes from over 17 hip-hop and R&B artists including 2 Chainz and Mary J. Blige so your AIM Away Message is never without a dope quote when you need to head offline for a few hours.

Improved Saved Replies. Say goodbye to the hours you’ve wasted trying to figure out how to do your own punctuation mark drawings. We’ve updated our saved replies for live chat and in-app messages with 20 punctuation drawings, including: ( /), (._.) , c(UU) and our number one request, a shark attack _/__o/_.

Interactive Chat With Tom. Customers on our Business Plan and above will notice a familiar face in their accounts the next time they login: Tom from MySpace. We’ve brought Tom back, but this time with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, which will allow you to use to Tom as your customer engagement bot, helping you bring your customer support efforts into the next frontier of technology.

PS. If you’re curious about the real Drift, click here to learn more about how you can start talking to your prospects and customers in minutes.

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